Saturday, April 2, 2011

Life with a newborn

Greg was getting Evan dressed to go home from the hospital...

Evan is a little concerned about the whole thing...

Evan had to have his Bilirubin checked again today, so we went to the lab and then had to go to the doctors office to have his circumcision looked at and all is well! His bilirubin went down and the doc said he looks just great! I feel so much better now! I was so worried that he would need to be under lights for the jaundice, but he doesn't! Yay!

It's so insane how much you can worry about everything. We put him in an outfit today that I didn't remember to wash and so I was so worried about it not being washed I had Greg change him because I was worried he would get sick or something. I talked to the doc today about why they say to wash all their clothes and it's not the potential bacteria that could be on them, which is what I was thinking and that thought led to, "What if he wears this and then ends up with Pneumonia!?" No, apparently it's a dye or a starch or something in new clothes that some babies get irritated once again I could breathe and not worry that I just made my child sick by clothing him haha. I've worried about not sterilizing my breast pump right or his pacifier being dirty which really he only uses at night...I've heard it can reduce the risk of SIDS if used at why not?! Our first night home he was crying really hard and it turned into a high pitch cry and I remember watching a video and they said to let the doc know if they have that, so I kind of freaked that there might be something wrong. I talked to the doc about that today too and he said that it's common with like encephalitis and something else but reassured me that he was just extremely mad...which he was....he was having a hard time latching on. He's just so dang sweet I couldn't imagine being the one responsible for making him sick in any way.

He only fusses when he needs something otherwise he just looks around the room and stares at us...oh man, I just love this little guy! I don't know how I will manage going back to work...I will be such a disaster.

So, I feel like I have lost all my brain cells... I can't remember anything! It's so good Greg was with me all the time at the hospital because every time a nurse came in or doc came in and had a conversation with me I couldn't remember hardly any of it! It was so weird. During delivery my doc came in to check me at one point and asked me if the nurse had checked me and I said no and Greg said yeah she did like just a few minutes ago...and I said, "What?! How do I not remember getting a pelvic exam?" Seriously, pure craziness. I'm assuming it's a lack of sleep....I didn't sleep the night before the induction because I was so anxious and then since he's been born I haven't slept much either because I feel like I need to watch him sleep to make sure he breathes, sooo hopefully I'm not going crazy. Anyway I shall keep you all updated!

Here is a video... I tried to load some from the hospital...but it was working

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  1. You are a cute mom Lacey; so concerned and sweet! Evan is such a beautiful baby - he looks just like his momma. I hope you are getting some sleep and food. Have a great day with your baby.