Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Evan's 2 month appointment

Evan is in like the 25th-30th percentile in everything. He weighed 11 pounds 1.5 oz. He is 22.5 in long and his head was like 15 cm I believe. He's just a little guy. I hope he didn't get my short gene! I wrote all of his numbers in his baby book and now I don't remember it all and I'm too lazy to get up and look :o)

He also got some of his shots today. The first one he just kind of stuck his bottom lip out, but then the other two he cried. Poor little guy. We went to target after to get some tylenol just in case he got a fever and I had to get him a toy because he had to get shots and I felt bad, so Greg picked out a rubber duck for him haha.

He was so happy before the shots, so here he is smiling away at his daddio...

        Just a couple hours ago he started whimpering...never really crying but just letting us know he was uncomfortable. Every time he moves his legs and throws his arms up like he is startled because they are so sore. We gave him a little Tylenol...or shall I say Up and Up Infant Acetaminophen :o) He is doing better now, but check out his pitiful little whimper...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day, A farewell, and Evan is 2 months!

My sweet boy is 2 months! We have his 2 month appt tomorrow and I'm pretty excited to see how much he weighs! I'm not excited about the shots, but I'm glad I have the day off to be with him as he goes through it. Evan is learning and growing so much and it seems to happen just over night sometimes. He's just starting to sleep through the night. Last night he fell asleep around 10 and didn't wake up until 5 am!! I think my mom and my grandma had a little something to do with that though. The little child would not take a nap for anything because he thought he would miss something but as soon as they left he fell asleep probably before they even made it to the car. 
He's reaching and grabbing toys, smiling sooooo much, and trying to carry on conversations with me. 

He also has a girlfriend! haha. A friend of mine has a little girl two weeks older than him and she smiled at him the other day and he couldn't take his eyes off her! It was so cute! He's trying so hard to roll over but he makes it to his side and isn't quite sure what to do after that. 
For some reason he thinks it's hilarious when we stick our tongues out at him, so he does it too and then giggles and coos after. He's always liked me to get him to sleep, but at least allowed Greg to do it, but now he almost refuses to allow anyone else put him to sleep if I am around. He no longer will lay in his crib and fall asleep on his own because the minute he realizes I'm not holding him he cries and cries. I have to admit I love it that he loves me so much :o) I just hope he grows out of it by the time he goes to the babysitter because I don't want her to have a rough time with him.
He's always interested in everything. He's so alert all the time. I took him to the mall one day and he just turned his head back and forth the whole time we were strolling along because he wanted to see everything!
I'm not longer breastfeeding...sad day that was....but he loves to try and hold his bottle, but mainly just pats it while I feed him. He's pretty cute :o) 
He's such a sweet cuddly baby and I love it that he finally likes to snuggle with his momma!

Is it way obvious that I totally adore this child? I have about a million pictures and I like sharing them with everyone!

Greg's cousin got a job in Minnesota so they are leaving monday and we had a get together today for memorial day and to hang out one last time before they head out. We are so sad to see them go. We love hanging out with them! We are so happy and excited for them anyway!


Friday, May 27, 2011

My 8 week old genius

So my little child will stick his tongue out when I stick mine out...he's a genius

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Putting my big girl panties on

As hard as I have tried to find a way for me to stay home before Greg graduates...it's just not possible. I really like my job so i should just be grateful that we are blessed to have such a good job for our family.

I have never felt so controlled by something before. I have never felt like I couldn't willingly get out of something that I didn't want to do. I have been feeling so trapped and sometimes like I am suffocating
(emotional suffocation) because there is just no way out.

Today at work was a good day. I was honestly convinced it was going to go terribly wrong because I was in a room that I only oriented in last year and I couldn't remember anything about the cases. But to my surprise it was actually a pretty swell day!

I feel like I have regained brain cells after having the baby maybe because I was so tired all the time, but I actually have a memory again. The cases were so easy for some reason I was thinking they were going to be really hard. Anyway I decided that because can't stay home I need to stop dwelling on it and just put my big girl panties on and deal with it.

Since I have been more positive about the situation and thought about how it's such a benefit to our family while Greg is in school I have been happier and more motivated. It's really pretty interesting that you can choose whether to be happy or miserable and once you make that choice your attitude and heart change to whatever choice you make.

I have had many experiences that have shown me I am not in control of everything. When I get into situations that I can't control I have to remember to think positive about the situation and be grateful for the things I have and the lessons and experiences that the situation I am in at that time will give me and just be happy because it could always be worse and being negative generally forces the spirit out of the home and causes negatives feelings for my hubs as well because he usually doesn't know what to say to make me feel better especially in a situation that can't be controlled and it makes him sad that i am sad and it just turns into a sad situation... Anywho I apologize for the ramble and lack of punctuation, but to be completely honest I've always sucked at punctuation which is maybe why I am a nurse because we write like robots- never in complete sentences and half the time in hieroglyphics so there ya have it... the end.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

and the verdict is...

NOT to quit. I can survive 11 months right? I mean really it's just a little longer than a pregnancy and my pregnancy felt like it flew by so it shouldn't be too bad and if Greg gets a job a month or so before he graduates maybe it'll be less than 11 months. 

I guess I'll have to force myself to eat and not throw up and hope that this feeling that I am totally abandoning my child will go away or at least subside over time and maybe someday I'll be able to make it through a whole day without big fat alligator tears, but I wouldn't count on it.

To quit or not to quit my job

That is the question....

Monday, May 23, 2011

My little child grabbing toys at 7 weeks!

Evan's Blessing

Greg gave Evan a beautiful blessing on Sunday. I'm so grateful that I'm married to a worthy Priesthood holder and Evan and all my future children have such a great example of what that means.

Evan in his blessing outfit/PJ's....I wasn't about to spend 50 bucks on an outfit that he would wear one time....

I've had people ask me why we don't baptize babies and here is why..

In our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) we do baby blessings and not baby baptisms because we believe that we will be punished for our own sins and not for Adam's transgression.

We commit sin when we knowingly make a wrong choice. Little children, however, know not what they do, and therefore cannot be judged for it. Because little children don't inherit Adam's sin and because aren't able to sin themselves until they are able to use reason, our church doesn't baptize them until they are older. It is important for the individual to make the choice to be baptized themselves because baptism is a covenant (or promise) between God and the individual, and therefore, should only be made by the individual once they understand and are willing to enter into that covenant with God.

Adam and Eve were created in the image of God with bodies of flesh and bone but not yet mortal. They could not grow old and die and they couldn't have children or trials of life. They were created in a sense of innocence (like children) and therefore had limited knowledge and understanding (which is why they hadn't even realized they were naked until AFTER they partook of the fruit).

That creation was a paradisaical creation and it required a huge change before they could fulfill the commandment to replenish the earth. The fall of Adam (and Eve) constituted the mortal creation and they had changes in their bodies and they were able to have children. They and their posterity had become subject to injury, disease, and death.

Because of their transgression Adam and Eve chose to leave their state of innocence and were banished from the presence of God. They were given the power to procreate so they could fulfill the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth.

Their posterity were also banished from the presence of God...However, the posterity of Adam and Eve were not responsible for Adam's transgression because they had no part in it. Therefore it's unfair for all humanity to suffer eternally for the transgressions of our first parents Adam and Eve. This injustice needed to be settled so we needed Jesus Christ's Atoning sacrifice. 

Because of the Transcendent act of the Atonement every soul is able to obtain forgiveness of sins to have them washed away and be forgotten with repentance and personal righteousness.                                                      

The Fall of Adam was part of Heavenly Father's plan.

Sin came into the world because of their transgression. The Lord knew they would do this and he included their partaking of the fruit in his plan.

If Adam hadn't partaken of the fruit...none of us would be here. We would be hanging out in heaven as spirits.

We do not baptize until the age of 8, the age of accountability. By that age they clearly know right from wrong and are able to choose their actions and are accountable for them.    
 19¶Yet say ye, Why? doth not the son bear the iniquity of the father? When the son hath done that which is lawful and right, and hath kept all my statutes, and hath done them, he shall surely live.
 20The soul that asinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bbear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the crighteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him. (Ezekiel 18:19-20)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Greg was denied acceptance into the MACC program (Accounting masters). It's ok though! Besides just having a masters- he wanted it to become a CPA but there is another way to become one, so he's not upset about it. He's going to study for the GMAT this summer and then probably take it before fall so he can sit for the CPA exam when he graduates. If he would have applied to tax and not audit he would have gotten in..it's a long story how all that works, but he wants to love life and if he would have done tax there would have been no lovin' of the life.

We have been so blessed in so many ways and we know we will continually be blessed and this may have been a blessing we just don't know how yet. We really can't complain.

The good news is we will be leaving Utah in April and I will be able to be a stay at home mom!! We have no idea where we will be going we just know it won't be west. The only way I will stay in the west (anywhere in the west) is if it's the only place where he can find a job. I would like to live at least in driving distance to family, but really as long as we are somewhere that allows us to be self reliant and happy that's where we'll go.
Welp, off to get some z's while the babe is sound asleep because who knows how long that will last :o)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

She says it perfectly

I've wanted to have post like this for some time but I'm not one with words so I've had a hard time trying to figure out how to write it. This sweet girl has said it all so perfectly and I just wanted to share her blog.

click here to read about something beautiful

Monday, May 16, 2011

need a sugar buzz?

Make a Ranger!

Ranger Cookie that is..

1 c. sugar
1 c. butter
1 c. brown sugar
2 eggs
2 c. flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. baking powder
2 c. oatmeal
1 c. Rice Krispies
1 c. coconut
Cream together sugars and butter. Add eggs, and cream. Stir in flour, salt, baking soda and baking powder. Blend in oatmeal, Rice Krispies and coconut. Bake at 375 degrees for 6 minutes.
Variations: 2 c. Wheaties instead of Rice Krispies. 1 cup chopped nuts instead of coconut.

My little ham is smiling more and more...

and just because he's cute..

Friday, May 13, 2011

A good day for a stroll

Yesterday Greg had to take a test, so Evan and I went with him to campus. After his test we went to the bookstore and loaded up on candy :o) Then we went across the street and took pretty pictures :o) It was such a good day and so nice to be able to spend the whole day together!

As we were hanging out on campus I thought of some things that I love about BYU
1. They have a Mother's Lounge. I'm not sure if it's just in the Wilk or if they have them in all the buildings, but I love that. I don't know if that is just a Mormon thing so for those who don't know...it's a place to nurse your baby :o)
2. They have random surveys you can take and get free candy!
3. I love the ducks that waddle from across the street onto campus and hang out with the studying students.
4. I love knowing that there is pretty much zero chance to get an STD from the toilets. I know it's pretty slim to get one from any toilet, but the standards most people at BYU hold eases my public toilet fear.
5. I love it that you can take your baby to class if you need to.

Just some pics of Evan I took today before his mass explosion in his pants :o) The Oxi clean gel stick is my new best friend...

Someday I will be able to catch his whole smile instead of just the end of it...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bad Genes

Evan got either Greg's family's bad genes or mine...we aren't sure which. I thought he had a bad case of baby acne so I called the doc to see if there was anything I could do for it and they asked me how bad it was and I told them it's on his head, neck, chest, all over his face and on and behind his ears and in some parts it's really scaly. The nurse said when it's that bad they usually want to see them, so that is where we went this morning. Apparently it is not baby acne. It is Seborrheic Dermatitis basically he has eczema and it's due to sensitive skin that is inherited from somewhere in the family line....interesting. We just have to use hydrocortizone cream for one week and we will see improvement. Evan was looking at the doctor when he said, "in about a week you will notice nice improvement." and Evan smiled really big at him haha. The doc said, "he's smiling quite nicely and that wasn't even a gas bubble smile." haha. He's 10lb 5.5 oz! I'm glad he's gaining sometimes I supplement with formula because I feel like he isn't getting enough from me, but I don't do it often so I'm glad he is getting enough. I tried to take a picture of his little face, but it doesn't look like there is anything on it in the pics.

Thankfully the Mastitis has cleared! VICTORY!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's day and Mastitis Day

For Mother's Day my husband knew I wanted hand prints of Evan because in his baby book there is a hand prints and foot print section,  but I only had his foot prints. Greg painted Evan's hands and then put them on paper...
 It's may not look perfect, but it's perfect to me! We went to his grandma's and had a Mother's Day dinner with his cousin and her family. It was so nice! Mother's Day is such a big day to me now! I never realized how important this day is until we had Evan. This day needs to for sure be celebrated! I'm so grateful for my mom and all that she has done and still does for me. I love knowing that I can call her with any question or problem and she is always willing to help even if she is 2000 miles away. I hope Evan feels that same way about me when he gets older. I'm so so grateful for my wonderful husband and my sweet baby boy!

I gave Evan formula at Greg's grandma's because sometimes it's just easier because he hates the hooter hider aka nursing cover..I was introduced to it as the "hooter hider" so anyway, I figured when we got home the pain I was having was just because I needed to pump, but then after I was done my left side was still killing me and it was a little red. Seriously like 30 min later I had a bad headache and I started feeling really sick. Then at like 8pm (3hours later) I felt like I had the Flu. Fever, chills, headache, nausea..etc I have an appt tomorrow with my Doc so I was going to try and hold off calling, but I couldn't I was a little worried it could be something more serious so I had Greg call and he ordered me an antibiotic and after taking that and Tylenol I felt a lot better at 2am... it came fast and went fast...I don't really think the antibiotic would have worked that fast, so it was really weird, but I still hurt and I don't feel fantastic but I don't feel like death anymore either. I have had a uterine infection (which I'm pretty sure came from my water breaking when I thought it did, but it showed up negative- which happens a lot) and now Mastitis, but I would rather have all this going on than not have my baby boy, so in a weird way I'm grateful.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Note to self- Never take child to Walmart when he has not poo'd for 3 days.

So I took Evan with me to Walmart because the husband had a lot of school work to do, so I figured we'd give him a little quiet time. As I'm picking up flour I hear this explosion in my child's pants and I see his little face all red, so I get all excited because he's finally pooing! Then a few minutes later he's still making a red face, so I know he's got more....lo and behold another explosion. This happened a total of four times.  I get to the register to check out and we are waiting in line...big surprise, right? It's Walmart! Child starts screaming! SCREAMING! I get my first, "you are an awful mother" stare from a lady in front of me, so I pick my child up to calm him down and he falls asleep in my arms. When it's my turn to start loading the belt I put him back in his car seat and I see poo coming out of his pant leg and it's all over his sock. Then I look at me and there is poo all over the front of my shirt. Awesome. So I pulled the car seat cover over him so no one would see him in poo and give me another evil stare and proceeded to check out with poo all over me because there wasn't anything I could do about it. I called Greg on the way home and told him to grab the camera and meet me by the car because he wasn't going to believe what had just happened. Good Times.

Family Time

I wanted to go for a walk so Greg and I took Evan to the provo temple for the first time yesterday! It's so nice that we can just walk to the temple whenever we feel like it. We had a lady take pictures for us and then we went to the backside of the temple and Greg studied while I took pictures of pretty flowers and Evan slept in his stroller. It's amazing how peaceful and serene the temple grounds are. People that can't enter the temple can easily get a hint of the peace that is felt on the inside just by being on the grounds for a while, but of course nothing compares to the inside. It's so easy to ponder sitting in the grass looking at the beautiful landscape. As we were sitting there I thought about my life and that had I not gone back to church when I was 21 I never would have met my husband and my whole life would be so different and not in a good way. I wasn't happy when I wasn't living my life the way I should have been. I thought I was happy, but wickedness never was happiness. I have been so blessed with the decisions I have made since becoming active in the Gospel again. I'm so grateful for the teachings of the Gospel and the love I continually feel from Heavenly Father.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who knew bodily fluids would be so comical?

One thing I was not expecting about having a baby is having hard laughs about being peed on, pooped, and spit up on.

When Evan was about 3 weeks old I was changing Evan and Greg was sitting next to me and bent down to talk to Evan but just as he bent down/over to talk to Evan, he started peeing and nearly got him right in the face. Greg jumped back faster than I've ever seen him move and we laughed so hard. There have been many pee incidences with this child...when the diaper is off the water flows and there really isn't much to do about it except duck because usually it's such a panic to cover it, it's hard to figure out what to grab to cover it..haha

Maybe a week after the near pee in the face event I was changing Evan at like 2am in our bed and he decided that while his diaper was off it would be the perfect time to have an explosive poo. Needless to say we had to change the sheets and my clothes, but we laughed the whole time...the kind of laughter that you can't breathe through and your stomach hurts afterward.

Just today Greg was burping Evan while I was fixing dinner and Evan had a cute little burp and then lots of spit up and I heard Greg say, "oh gosh, Lacey can you hand me a burp rag?" I went over and gave him one and then saw what had happened and I lost it and then Greg lost it, so we had to take a picture! It was only the second time Greg had been spit up on...I'm not sure why Ev saves it all for me...

It's always funny to look at Evan after these things occur because he's all sorts of content and relieved.

picture from today's spit up...
On a more somber note... Our neighbors moved out today :o( They were AMAZING neighbors! I didn't think it would affect me this much until I thought, "I may never see Sarah again!" We will forever compare all of our neighbors to them. We were able to borrow random things from one another when one of us didn't have something, which usually turned out to be some baking need and it was usually a Sunday when we needed it and well, we don't buy things on Sundays, so we had awesome neighbors that would share! we were able to help each other out a lot and share delicious treats with one another. Sarah was such a good friend. I was able to ask her all sorts of questions when Evan was born since she is a mother of 3 young ones. They were always so generous and sweet we will miss them so much! I feel like our whole Apartment complex is changing which means our whole ward is nearly changing. I have to think positively and know that we are going to meet even more new people and make more friends and memories by all this change. It's just hard to see some of them go.

change of thought

I just realized how unrealistic m idea was to do that challenge...that's right I'm quitting and I didn't really even start it.....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

365 day challenge

I was reading a blog from a friends list of blogs and I saw that this lady does this challenge where she posts a picture everyday and blogs about it. So I'm going to do it! We'll see if it lasts when I go back to work, but it's a fun thought!So this is my first picture...


I took this picture because it's one of my favorite dinners to make and why not start a challenge with food? It doesn't look as good in a picture as it really is... marinated chicken, brown rice, veggies, and a roll...it's all healthy except for the buttered roll and I change up the rice for Quinoa and I change up the veggies too. It's so easy, fast, delish, and healthy!

This is not part of the challenge, but I wanted to post it anyway because it was an adorable quote..

The first handshake in life is the greatest of all:
The clasp of an infant fist around a parent's finger.
-Mark Beltaire
I also wanted to show you all that my child is balding
but he's a very adorable balding child.