Sunday, October 30, 2011

Evan's first pumpkin carving and Evan crawls a little bit..

Be sure to check out my previous post of him being 7 months!

 me and my dada

Hey dad, look what I found in the pumpkin!

PS. I weigh 98 pounds now! Progress!

Evan is 7 months!

How did time go so fast? 

Evan at 7 months
He LOVES Mum Mum rice snack deals. They are so messy, but he loves them.
He'll crawl like 2 times and then stop because he's entirely uninterested in it.
He loves to walk holding on to our hands.
He tries to pull himself up on things, but hasn't gotten the hang of it yet.
He loves to close things. He has this little lap top deal and the only thing he likes to do with it is close the lid. 
He loves Cat in the Hat and Super Y. I only let him watch 2 shows everyday because I hate TV and I refuse to allow my children to be TV bugs, but those shows he sits through and laughs. 
He gives kisses's pretty cute.
He hates getting his teeth brushed....HATES it! We hold him down and do it twice a day.
He has 2 teeth! They actually came in pretty much at the same time. The second came in like 2 days after the first.
He loves getting his one drop of Fluoride everyday (apparently people in Provo think if you put fluoride in the water you will be poisoned). He sees the dropper and lays down with his mouth open until we give it to him...I don't really know why he likes it so much because I think it smells like soap.  
He blows rasberries on a baby in this book he has...I think I put a video of it on two posts ago. It's pretty funny. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I got Evan a pumpkin yesterday and we plan on carving it tomorrow, so stay tuned for Evan's first pumpkin carving! 

Today we had a little thing at our church. Most of the people that came went on a 1 mile walk/run all dressed in costumes and then went back to the church to eat and hang out. We didn't go on the 1 mile deal because we are working on getting life insurance and I had someone come to the house to get blood work from me...which I am super excited about getting the results back. So what if I want to know how my liver is functioning and how my HDL's, LDL's, and Tri's are....I think it's a nurse thing

One video is after he got his pumpkin, another is at 7am and he's super happy in his jumper watching Cat in the hat, and another is his new cry he does with his lips together. I need to get a better video of it, but this will do for now. he started doing it because we brush his bottom teeth and he clamps his mouth closed to try and keep us out, but now he clamps it shut when he cries...pretty funny

We are so close to knowing which company we are doing an internship with and figuring out the rest of the crazy details. We just have to decide which company is a better fit for our family. For the longest time we have been waiting on the companies...this has seriously been going on since June. Now, it's our turn which means it's the end of such a long process!

I'm so happy because I got this big orange thing that I can bang things on!


Hot Dog!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Video's, Video's, and Video's...and maybe a picture or two

he did this literally 2 minutes after he was born and still does it

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby Kisses

When I went to my neighbors to get Evan when I got off work, I picked him up and held him on my hip while I was still talking to his babysitter. Then he leans over with his head to the side trying to see my face and when he couldn't see it he grabbed my left cheek and pushed it towards him and then opened his mouth wide, stuck his tongue out, and planted one right on my mouth. I couldn't believe it! Then he did it again! I laughed and went back to talking to my neighbor and then he grabbed my cheek again and planted another! It was the sweetest thing ever! I got two baby kisses/baby licks right on my mouth from my almost 7 month old! 

Here are some pictures of my sweetum's I have tons of videos that I need to post, but photobucket is being dumb...

PS. Read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It's a cute book! 
And read 
Left to tell- Another amazing one.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I miss my boys

My boys are in Ohio. Greg has another interview with another company. He's gotten 2 offers already, but we are waiting for his interview in Michigan this Thursday because he really wants that one, so hopefully he gets an offer there too. I already miss them tremendously and it hasn't even been 12 hours. 
I went to church all alone today. I haven't done that in a very long time. It was so weird that I was the only person I had to get ready. I actually missed saying, "Greg you should get up so you can get ready." I missed getting my little Evan ready and fed and played with and hearing his sweet little laugh. Good thing they will be home tomorrow night! 
I've been having a really rough month and I was actually looking forward to this time to myself, but it's really not helping. I need my husband. I need my sweet boy. They help me more than I even realize. While a little alone time is ok...I'm not a huge fan of this long of alone time. They were in Ohio last week too, but it was barely a 24 hour trip and I had work, so I kept busy. I'm off today and tomorrow and I'm already going crazy. It's far too quiet here. Is it weird that I totally thought I heard Evan crying and started to walk to his crib and remembered they are in Ohio?? I swear I'm not going crazy. It had to of been someone's baby that sounded like my baby. Although I do feel like I'm on high alert when it comes to babies and cries. I always jump when I hear little cries and then I realize it's not my baby I don't have to soothe it. haha

On another note. I read this quote today during my scripture study (which was really nice to have uninterrupted scripture study time) 
"A man is his own tormentor and his own condemner. Hence the saying, they go into the lake that burns with fire and brimstone. The torment of disappointment in the mind of man is as exquisite as a lake burning with fire and brimstone." - Joseph Smith

There are people that I know in Utah that are just so self righteous and so mean and I have been just wanting to be like why do you think you are so perfect and tell them all the ways they aren't, but once I read this quote it changed my mind. 

They are probably hard on themselves and constantly think about all the ways they could be better. It's hard to change and they probably want to, but just haven't gotten there yet.
I am so hard on myself about so many things and I know how bad it sucks when someone points out the things that you already know you need to work on. If we do need to tell someone hey you need to be a little nicer or better here and there then we need to do it with love. I highly doubt anyone changes because someone said hey you suck at life...they probably just went on suckin' it up even more just to spite the other person...I'm pretty sure this was in a talk somewhere...obviously not the way I have written it but something that says something sort of similar, just nicer. haha I tried to find the talk but I couldn't. 

For those that haven't read this Forget me not. You should, so click on my link. Even if you are not LDS and you are a woman you should. It's uplifting. I promise you will be edified. 

PS. Read Unbroken. That book is amazing. 

PSS. I just skyped with my mom, hubs, and Evan and Evan cried...he couldn't figure out why I was in the computer. He stuck his little lip out an whimpered. So good to know he loves his momma! The last time they were gone and came back I picked them up and I have never seen him so excited to see me! What a great feeling! we were climbing the stairs to the apt and he got so excited and then we walked in he started laughing, like belly laughs! He was so excited to be home.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

today is a rough day. (I wrote this last week).

My brother and my sister in-law lost their sweet baby girl today.

I don't feel it is my place to share details of the tragedy, but I will tell you we have known for about a week that my niece wasn't going to make it.

My sister in-law was 21 weeks pregnant.

I have an idea of how they feel.

I know that they feel like their entire world has just fallen on top of them and crumbled in a million pieces.
I know that the day they lost her they were emotional but mostly they were numb, maybe even the next day too. But I know that when the numbness wears off they will constantly think, "Did this really happen?" "How did this happen?" "Why did this happen?" and "I don't think I will ever get over this."
I know that the mere thought of not having their baby feels like someone is sticking a dagger in their hearts and they have chains tied around their stomachs and they are being pulled harder than you could ever imagine. I know that it feels like the hardest task for them to even breathe.  I know that the thought of eating seems monumental. I know that they will learn so much about patience and faith. They may even have feelings of resentment towards their doctor.* I know that they will grow together as a couple stronger than they could ever imagine. I know that they feel like this pain will never, ever go away.  I know that they know, they will never forget their sweet girl. Ever. 

The pain never fully goes away, but it doesn't hurt as bad after a while. They will eventually be able to go about their lives without sobbing uncontrollably in the most random places. They will be able to see pregnant people and babies without having embarrassing melt downs in front of complete strangers all the while those people are looking at you like you should be in an institution and all you can think is, "if you only knew."  Some days will be harder than others. Slowly and painfully it gets easier.

I still have moments where I think of my baby boys little face and his tiny fingers and toes. In fact, not a day goes by without a thought sent his way. 

I know that their baby was just too good for this world and the only thing she needed was a body and they gave her that. I also know that they will see their girl again. I know that they will get a chance to raise her and be the parents they wanted to be in this life. I know that families are eternal and that they just have to trust in the Lord and have Faith. I know that their sweet girl will be at the feet of Jesus.

And that is the best feeling in the world.

*I told my heartless doctor, "I want to punch you in your face." after he told me, "You better just hope they threw IT away." After I asked him if they would do chromosome testing on my baby....Not only did he call my baby an it but he also suggested it be thrown away like he was some dirty piece of garbage. That man can rot for all I care. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stake Conference

We had the first session of Stake conference today and for those who are unsure what that is I'll try to explain. Each member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints goes to the church closest to their home and the group of people that go to that particular church call it their ward. Then the Stake is made up of all the wards in an area. So for all my Ohioan's the Dayton Ohio East Stake consisted of wards in Springfield, Dayton, Huber Heights, Piqua and more on that side of Ohio. Hopefully that made some sense... We meet as a Stake every six months and we hear from the Stake Presidency and sometimes the Temple President and other Stake Leaders. 

The Provo Temple President spoke last and he talked about miracles that happen in the temple. My favorite one happened just yesterday I believe. Apparently this family has been trying hard to be worthy to enter the temple and be sealed for time and all eternity. Well they finally made it and they came to Provo to do the ordinance. One of the Temple workers saw the family come down the hall and she counted all of their children and she counted 1,2,3,4,5,6.

Then after the sealing she counted the children again 1,2,3,4,5. Then she asked the mother of the children how many kids she brought to the temple today and the mother said 5. The temple worker then said I counted 6 when you got here and the mother asked, "how old was the youngest?" The temple worker said, "About 10-12." The mother said, "We lost a baby 10 years ago."

Then he also told us that while that family was being sealed together the grandpa of this deceased child was acting in proxy for him and the temple worker performing the sealing said he could see the child's hand on top of the grandfather's. 

The Temple President was testifying of how the Temple is a connection between this life and the next and the road goes both ways.

It made me think of the family members names I have hanging on my fridge that I haven't finished. I need to finish their work so they can be reunited as an eternal family.

It was an amazing conference. Evan was superb the whole time as well. He even fell asleep without a whimper. I think he knew how much I needed to be there.

The first story is near and dear to my heart. My children were born in the covenant, so we don't need to be sealed because Greg and I were sealed when we got married therefore , our children are automatically sealed to us. but it's just so comforting knowing that we are a family forever and that other families can be the same and they will be.

They also talked about how Our marriages aren't guaranteed to last through all eternity because when we die we have to say, "Yes" again if we want to be with out Eternal Companions because God will not force us to be in a marriage that is unhappy or unhealthy.
It made me think of my marriage and I thought, "Would Greg say yes again?" He wasn't able to come tonight because of some company deal he RSVP'd for not knowing it was conference weekend and it looks bad to back out, so I went with Ev...
but anyway I thought about all the ways I could be a better wife. It really hit my heart hard when he said that because I couldn't even imagine spending eternity without my husband it's the mere thought of being without him that just kills me. It made me realize that I still need to work hard as a wife and I need to be sure I am giving him the Love and respect and attention that he deserves. We all need to remember our spouses and not let life happen and marriage seem like just another day. 
Marriage is tough, but we cannot fail if we work together and allow the Lord to be apart of it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A walk

Evan and I go on walks nearly everyday before dinner.

It's the best way for me to relax and think about things that are happening in my life or ponder about the Gospel.

I think it's the way the tree's hang over the sidewalk here that makes me so calm when we walk this route. 
Doesn't get much cuter than this folks.

He loves his walks/stroller rides.

This is Timpanogos Mountain. Greg has already done the 7 hour hike, but we plan on doing it together before we leave. 

This happens every time about 15 min into the walk.

Beezles tooth! you can slightly see the right one coming in. You can see the white top of it in person. 

Ev being a little champ about us invading his mouth

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

3rd post in less than 24 hours? This is getting RE-DONK-U-LOUS

But I'm too happy not to share!

I am allowed to take a 12 week leave of absence and go with my hubby on his internship...I may have to come back like a couple weeks earlier than him, but I can totally handle a couple...but definitely not 12.



Evan is back to his normal self again!

This little tyke has had a bad case of the runs for the last week or so with an on and off fever.
I still can't get him to eat solid food, but other than that he's back to his happy playful self!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear everyone in the world

Could you please not use the Lords name in vain?

I think an apostle had said this at one time but Greg really likes to use it...

"They are not called the 10 suggestions, they are called the 10 commandments."

I think that maybe people don't really understand what they are saying when they use God's name or Jesus Christ's name in vain.

Maybe they don't understand the severity of it.
Those names are very, very sacred and when they are used that way it shows a lack of respect.

People that do this- You are talking about my Lord and Savior. 
Jesus Christ, who created the world and ourselves under the direction of his father who we call God, died for our sins. He died for you and me. He is the most selfless person alive. He has blessed you with your families, jobs, and material things. He has more love for every person on this planet than we would ever be able to come close to fathoming. 

Why would anyone "trample under their feet" someone that loves them so much?

Please stop and go repent :o)

Thank you, come again. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Just some videos of Beezle

First, I made homemade baby food successfully this time! I made carrots and Sweet Potatoes so far. Tomorrow it's Applesauce and bananas. I've already made bananas once, so hopefully the applesauce turns out

Dear Aunt Jillane

Thank you for my adorable shirt! It's still a little big, but it sure keeps me warm!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What should we do?

Greg and I have some big, BIG decisions to make within the next month and I'm feeling a lot like this.

The only thing I do know is that our decision will be made under the direction of the Lord. Really, we just need to be patient, gather all the information we can about every direction, and then pray our little hearts out.

It's always worked out every other time we've done it this way.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

maybe my favorite

Evan took a 3 hour nap today so I got this quiet book page done and listened to conference at the same time!

Yes the boys head is floating but I don't care enough to fix it. The net is made from a bag that a set of Evan's onesies came in

my oyster opens and you find a pearl!

The fish snap off and the kids can "catch" the fish in the net
I think the crab and the oyster are my faves

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's Conference weekend therefore I bake

The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has what we call General Conference every six months. We watch it on BYU TV or we can go to the conference center and be there live. We receive direction and counsel from the Prophet and Apostles of God. It's such a special time that I always like to bake something new. Today I made...

Cinnamon Roll Cake
3 c. flour
1/4 tsp.salt
1 c. sugar
4 tsp. baking powder
1 1/2 c. milk
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla
1/2 c. butter, melted

1 c. butter, softened
1 c. brown sugar
2 Tbsp. flour
1 Tbsp. cinnamon

2 c. powdered sugar
5 Tbsp. milk
1 tsp. vanilla

I got this recipe from this blog Mrs Harding Cooks. I personally hate that kind of icing/glaze, but it was easy and I had little time (I made this while Evan napped) to whip up a nice cream cheese frosting. Was it good? Let's just say Greg loves me just a little bit more. :o)