Wednesday, November 27, 2013


this girl is just presh...we adore this little Eva Rose

I made Evan  a felt christmas tree...he likes it :o)

crinkle nose smile...perfection

Evan refused to go to bed. He wanted to watch Rudolph with papaw

He legitimately beat my at cooties.. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Eva is 2 months and pictures of Evan!

Our Eva Rose is 2 months today! She loves to stand up on my legs and look around and she is becoming more vocal everyday. I love her little coo's :o) She's easy to make smile which is so dang cute! She only tolerates tummy time for about 30 seconds unless she is tired and then she just falls asleep. It's ok... I only let her sleep on her belly if I am in the room the whole time :o) 

open mouth smiles are her fave.

Evan hs this new thing where he pretends he's smiling at the camera and then right before it goes off (he knows when it's going to go off) he turns his head or makes a funny face...such a stink!!

Look at these thigh rolls...I cannot get enough of them. Delish.

I walk into the kitchen and find this. haha. I told him to smile and got a funny face!

Eva helps me do laundry by taking a ride to the laundry room on the dirty clothes haha

Seriously, give this kid a balloon and he's good for a while.