Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Evan is 10 months!

He is one busy baby boy! 
At 10 months
He just gets up and starts walking and doesn't really fall much anymore. He also turns around without difficulty.
 He's got the Frankenstein walk down! It's so cute!
He says "Ba" for ball when we ask him to say it. He says, "Uh-Oh" all the time.
He recognizes his body parts and occasionally will point to them when asked.
HATES eggs, but he'll eat anything with Applesauce mixed in...sooo glad I figured that out.
He's not a big eater at all. He'll take like 5 bites and then be done so he gets snacks through out the day.
He's getting 3 more teeth at the moment- his fangs and his front left tooth.
He had his first real (non-mom) hair cut over the weekend.
Opening and closing things are a big hit around here.
He's got the sippy cup down and loves loves loves water. He'll take a drink and then look at us and giggle.
He finally has stranger danger. I seriously never thought it would happen. I'm glad it did, so he doesn't just go to anyone.
His favorite book is still Mr. Brown can moo! Can You? He also loves his book of colors.
When we get back to Utah we have to make some serious sleep adjustments. He pretty much won't sleep unless he is sleeping with me.
Loves to climb the stairs.
Imitates us really well- (In the video at the end of this post he was trying to imitate what my dad was doing- except this time wasn't real successful for him haha)

Already has a strong man jaw..

He spikes his bangs like his daddy... He looks like a toddler in this picture.

This video was from about 2 weeks ago...a short example of his super sweet walking skills

Friday, January 27, 2012

Long time, No Blog

I've been thinking a lot about enduring things well  and how bad I am at doing that. It's so hard to look past the hard things and just enjoy life as it is in the moment. Most of the things that I'm, not necessarily worried about, but that I wish would just hurry and happen are somewhat small except for a few. And every single one of them is going to be a learning experience.
I was just thinking the other day about how much more I would enjoy life if I took it seriously, but not so serious that all I thought about was the serious...does that make any sense? I would enjoy my husband and my baby more. I'm always feeling like I need to be in a hurry. What is the point in being in a hurry in life? There isn't one! I'm just now learning this! AHH! It's so easy to dwell on the trials we face than it is to just be grateful for the opportunity to have personal and spiritual growth. Don't get me wrong I don't kneel in prayer everyday asking for trials, but they will come so we might as well have the attitude of this quote- "Come What May and Love It." 

"Problems or trials in our lives need to be viewed in the perspective of scriptural doctrine. Otherwise they can easily overtake our vision, absorb our energy, and deprive us of the joy and beauty the Lord intends us to receive here on earth.  ...When submerged in a problem, fight to be free to bob up to serve again with happiness.
The Lord is intent on your personal growth and development. That progress is accelerated when you willingly allow Him to lead you through every growth experience you encounter, whether initially it be your individual liking or not. When you trust in the Lord, when you are willing to let your heart and your mind be centered on His will, when you ask to be led by the Spirit to do His will, you are assured of the greatest happiness along the way and the most fulfilling attainment from this mortal experience. If you question everything you are asked to do, or dig in your heels at every unpleasant challenge, you make it harder for the Lord to bless you."
Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Evan Speaks!

Evan said Uh-Oh yesterday for the first time and it was so dang cute! It took me forever to get a video of him saying it because it's much more fun to say it when mom doesn't have a camera in your face.
There is also a video of Evan pointing to his cousins eyes and ears. I've been working on his body parts with him since he was like 2 months old. I think he's finally starting to get it. I assure you no babies were harmed in the making of that video.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

no name post

I couldn't think of a title for this post.
I haven't had a chance to blog and when I do get a chance I just want to sleep. I have a lot I've been thinking about lately but I can't formulate the words to blog about it, but I'll figure it out eventually and be able to blog about it.

I have been making Evan a rag quilt and I am nearly done I just have to do 2 more edges and then wash it to get the rag look and then I'll be able to post a picture. I've been babysitting my nephew too and these little guys keep me busy, but it's good.

It's been so good seeing my family and having a little time with them. More on that later.

This is the latest video (after the pics) of Evan walking. He's gotten up to 19 steps! He's so fun and he gets so excited about himself walking it's so funny. This isn't the 19 step video but it's a good one. He'll hold our fingers and let go when he's ready to start walking.
He gets them from his momma

I love his church clothes. Such a handsome boy.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Catching up

Finally, I have a chance to blog!
Greg and I moved last Friday and we haven't had the internet since. Evan turned nine months on the 30th and we moved to Ohio for 2 months for Greg's internship
The coolest news of all is that Evan has started walking! He can take about 10 good steps and then he falls. He took his first step when he was 8 1/2 months but I can't remember the exact date...that's what baby books are for, right? It's in there, I just don't want to dig it out. 

At 9 months Evan weighs 18 pounds and some change - 14th percentile. His head is in the 3rd percentile I can't remember the circumference (it's in the baby book) He is 28 1/2 inches tall - 53rd percentile.
He does super well picking things up with his thumb and finger.
He says, "ra-ra" "ma-ma" "ba-ba" he makes growl noises and another noise I have no idea how to explain... he sometimes says, "da-da" but not as frequently as dada would like :o)
He understands the word "no"
His favorite book right now is Mr. Brown can moo can you?
Greg and I went to the airport with 8 bags 4 of which were 50 pounds. It was quite a sight. I put Evan in his sling, strapped his car seat onto one of the roll bags and pulled that and then I pulled another roll bag with his diaper bag on top of that one. Greg is pulling two roll bags himself with two carry on's ontop of his roll bags. He went to go fill out some tags and some guy walked by and thought I was by myself with eight bags and asked me if I had anyone helping me...actually these are his words, "You got your hands full girl, Do you have anyone helping you?" haha I said yeah my husband. So sweet of him. Another guy said it's hard to travel with little ones you need a lot of stuff...I said well we'll be in another state for 2 months for an internship otherwise we wouldn't have so much. Do people really need 8 bags for one baby? Maybe he thought I had more kids? Anyway I tried to get a picture of us, but there wasn't  a good chance to get one. And it took us 30 min or more to just check our bags. Anyway it was a fun trip. Evan slept nearly the whole way to ohio 3 hours! Greg and I napped and then we woke up and laughed the whole last hour. I'm so happy I have such a fun husband :o) 
Evan had everyone laughing the last 30 min on the flight. It never gets old hearing people tell you that your baby is the cutest baby they have ever seen. Is it bad that I want to say, "Yeah, I know." The Southwest pretzel wrappers are Evan's new favorite toy...
Here are some video's and pictures! He doesn't walk all on his own but he will walk back and forth to Greg and I.
Evan's bed for the next two months is a pack and play...did you know that they make mattresses for those things? They do and we have one and for some weird reason I packed his crib mattress cover deal and so it adds a little more padding and warmth, so he's good to go!

9 months! It's impossible to get good baby book pictures for each month...

sportin' Uncle Tim and Aunt Kim's Christmas present.

The day he turned 9 months we were moving and he slept in his cars seat until we finished