Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So, I made a skirt

This is how I did it. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures while making it, so hopefully what I tell you makes sense.
1. get 1.5 yards of jersey knit fabric. Wait for 50% off coupons at joanns or michaels and make it super cheap!
2. fold fabric in half 

3. measure your waist or wherever you want it to sit. I personally like mine low on my hips.

4. with your fabric folded in half, half your measurements and measure it out on your fabric. so if you are say 30 in you would measure 15 in out for your waist or hips.

5. take your measuring tape and start it at your 15 in mark and angle towards the bottom corner of your skirt to make it an angle, so your not just cutting a straight line.

6. once you have it cut out, measure how long you want it. You don't have to hem a jersey knit skirt so you can just cut it the length you want, but of you want to hem it leave 2 extra inches or 3. Mine was 32 in long I think so I just cut off whatever the excess was.

7. Pin your skirt while it's inside out and sew the sides

8. Now with the extra fabric make a waistband. You want it to be the same measurement as your waist so if you were a 30 divide the extra fabric in half and measure out 15 in and cut that out. I folded my fabric in half and then cut the short side to make it two separate pieces but I kept them together to pin them together.
*You can make the waistband as wide as you want. I made mine about 9in, but I have to fold it twice- I will eventually just tack it so I only have to fold it once because I don't like folding it twice.

9. Pin the short sides together and then sew the short sides.

10. This is the trickiest part- While your skirt is inside out- turn your waistband right side out and pin the unfinished edges on the waistband and the unfinished edges of the waist of the skirt together and then sew around the skirt (does that makes sense?) if not message me and I'll try and clarify.

11. when done sewing turn your skirt right side out and fold down the waistband!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


My sweet boy hit his head pretty hard on the coffee table last week while rough housing with his daddy. He thought putting green beans on his head was great! He ended up with a big knot and a bruise :o(

There are a lot of things with this boy I hope I never forget. One of them is how he asks for "cookies and milk". It's the cutest thing I've ever heard. One of these days I have to get it on video. I love how much he loves dunking his cookies in his milk because I sure love it too...

Remember that time I said I was going to make a maxi skirt? Well I did, but when I went to put the  cute little fold down waistband on I completely screwed it up. The type of Jersey I used was thinner than the typical jersey fabric and so when I had to take out my stitches it frayed and then I ran my seam ripper right through it. I could have saved the fabric and used it on other things but I was so upset with it, I just threw it away. I'm working on another (it seriously takes forever to do the simplest sewing project when you have a child..b/c the only time I have is when he goes to bed but by then I'm so tired I just want to go to bed) I'll post pictures when I'm done.
Oh and Grandma, you are a genius! My needle was too big, so that was my problem! As soon as I changed it from a 14 to an 11 worked perfectly!    

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Some things

Evan is learning opposites and it's been pretty fun
This one is fast and slow...he doesn't like to go slow so slow only lasts for a few seconds haha

President Uchtdorf blessed us with his presence at church today! His grandson happens to be in our ward and he was called to the bishopric.  President Uchtdorf came for him but then he talked to us.   Pretty Awesome man.

I'm going to be making a maxi skirt this week and several before summer because I plan on living in them this summer. Ohio is not short on humidity and I'm not quite used to it anymore, so maxi skirts will be awesome.

That is all or now :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The sick house

Evan and I have been super sick for a good 2 weeks. Somehow, Greg is still sick free.
Even though there has been a lot of snot and a lot of coughing and sleeping around here there is always time and energy for wheels on the bus

It has been so sad watching Evan be this sick. He slept with me one night and as we were getting ready to fall asleep he said, "mama hug." and he curled up on my chest and then he said, "mama song, elmo" he wanted me to sing the elmo's world song. Then he said, "mama song, rock." this one was the wise man built his house upon rock song. It's so fun to see how in just 7 months he's gone from saying one word to 3 word sentences.

It's been impossible to get him to eat anything other than doritos or "ships" but we are starting to get him to eat banana's, yogurt, and beans. Eventually, he'll eat normal again.

My favorite sentence is still "daddy c'mon night night." oh, he melts me.