Sunday, July 31, 2011

as promised

Evan's first tast of Solid food...he pretty much hated it haha

I may be biased, but I'm pretty sure he's the cutest baby ever!

sitting up all by himself without even leaning on the couch!

Greg and I went on a date last night! We went to see Real Salt Lake play Columbus Crew and Real lost. I was secretly rooting for Columbus anyway...sshhh don't tell Greg :o) Greg has been wanting to go to a game since we moved here but we just never did it, so for our anniversary I got him tickets. Our Anniversary isn't until September, but I wanted to see Columbus Crew so we celebrated early. Some very sweet friends of ours were willing to spend their saturday night with our wee one. We were very grateful for their kindness. I forgot my camera so no pics :o( we have one on Greg's phone but I have no idea how to upload it haha.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Evan is 4 months!

This kid right here...
is 4 months!!

We had his 4 month well check yesterday and he is 14.11 pounds (34.83 percentile), 25 inches long (65.01 percentile), and his head circumference is 15.8 inches (7.71 percentile) just a little head like his daddy :o)
He is SO MUCH FUN! I mean seriously I never had any idea just how wonderful this would be, it's pretty fantastic!
Some new things about this little person
He is doing soooo well sitting up he still needs support but sometimes he will do by himself when he really wants to. He loves his feet! He loves being naked, it's really funny how much he loves it. he starts rice cereal today, so i will post a video! He is just such a happy baby! Greg doesn't even have to smile at him and Evan will stare at him and just start smiling it's so adorable! he laughs and coos all the time and that's my favorite! I love that little voice. He slept 10 hours last night and I didn't even start the rice cereal. let's hope that lasts! he can stand really well and he can do it by himself if he holds something. he's growing so fast and it makes me so sad, but i love it at the same time. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

quiet book page 1 is doneville!

I just finished one of the first pages! Thanks to very long surgeries at work I had time to sew!
I had a grand idea that backfired so I had to sew around the body of the lion about 5657678 times because I kept screwing it up, so the final product isn't perfect, but I'm real sick of taking out stitches and I'm pretty sure my sewing machine is tired. I did all the letters by hand with regular needle and thread because I'm not sure how to do that with my sewing machine. Someone at work said that embroidery thread is thicker and goes faster, so I will try that next time but really it only took a couple hours to do all the letters. and I decided I want to put all the activities on white fabric.
Here she is..

it says, "I won't complain if you braid my tail or feel my mane." Greg's job is to come up with the sayings and cut out my 12x12 squares :o)

Friday, July 22, 2011

I am making a Quiet book

So I've been wanting to do this for a while. I saw one at the BYU bookstore before I was even pregnant and I've wanted to make one ever since. is one of the first pages (unfinished)
If you are unfamiliar with quiet books check this link out...quiet book
 I haven't completely planned out all my pages, but I know for sure I am doing the robot that lady has in her book :o)
My husband thinks I'm weird because if I have pants with an elastic waist band I roll them down all the time and so he said he was going to start wearing his clothes a weird way too...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

just a thought or two

Those of you who have children may be able to relate to this post and even if you don't you may be able to relate in some other way.
I was thinking the other day about when i was pregnant, and even before pregnancy,  i knew i would love my babies, but i just didn't know how much i would love them. 
even though I only got to see my first baby for about 5 minutes before they took him, i fell in love with him hard and fast. when Evan came along I had a little better idea about how much i would love him. 
i was talking to someone not too long ago about one of their family members and how this family members parents are doing so much for them even though it's hurting the parents, but they do it because they love them no matter what it costs them.
Sometimes, I'm in that same situation except on a smaller scale.
Those who know me, know that I am a workout-a-holic and i am a water-a-holic too. since i have gone back to work i have felt really guilty about working out when i get home because that's more time away from evan, so i haven't been. in fact, i forget to eat or drink water a lot. i have been sacrificing my health for the sake of my child because i don't want him to get the short end of the stick.
but that's no good, because if i'm not healthy how can i take care of him?
my resolution? well i have taken my dumbbell to work so in long cases or when i can, i lift and my goal is to get up at 4am instead of 4:45am and do cardio, so evan is only effected in positive way...he has a healthy momma without losing time with her! as far a eating and drinking, I just need to remember!
one more thought.
I was thinking about teaching my children with love and what exactly means and I thought about how Lehi "exhorts tender heartedly" to Laman and Lemuel about staying on the Straight and Narrow Path, basically giving his testimony of the goodness of God, I like HOW he talks to them. He didn't scorn them or belittle them or even remotely try to force them to live righteously he just expressed his concern and told them why and how he knows the Gospel is true. I think as a parent I need to be the same way. My children will always have their agency, so getting angry and yelling and making a big scene when they do something I disapprove of won't help anything, if anything it will make it worse. I have faith that if Greg and I are good examples and we live righteously and we bear our testimonies to them often even if we do it subtly, they will in turn live righteously as well..not without bumps in the road I'm sure, but ultimately they will follow the Lord.

Evan loves his feet

and his momma..
Just because this smile melts me..

Monday, July 18, 2011

Greg and an Internship

Greg received an email from the recruiter who he has been working with at KPMG in Columbus, Ohio and she asked him if he would be interested in an internship for winter of 2012. He emailed her back and told her that he is interested, but he needs to check with BYU to see how he would fit his classes in and then let her know for sure. He found out he can take his winter classes in the spring/summer.
Long story short he will take his winter classes Spring/Summer and do the internship during the winter and I will try and take a 12 week leave of absence because he will get paid and I will just have to pay my work to keep my insurance. Hopefully it works that way.
Basically he will have a job after the internship unless he totally blows the internship but that's not going to happen, so that's super exciting! We'll be back in Ohio!
The sad part- I have to be in Utah another summer AND we won't be buying a house next summer like we had planned (assuming Greg got a job). At least that gives us more time to look and find what we really want. 
Well I'll keep ya updated!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Last Days in Myrtle Beach

We had so much fun! We spent the majority of our time outside on the beach or in the pool! 

he sure loves his grandpa

 Then we ventured out for the pelicans game
It's a minor league baseball team. It was only appropriate for Evan to wear his little slugger onesie:o)

Then we just took some pics of ourelves

first date since the babes was born :o)

Grandma and Evan all tuckered out

Greg and I attempted a sand castle
pathetic, i know.

grandma and evan
funny story...

so I only brought one pair of pj's and my little child spewed all over them and we had just done laundry, so my mom went to walmart for a few things and came back with hello kitty pj's. I had to remind her that I am nearly 26, I am a nurse, I'm married, and I have a child and I shouldn't be wearing hello kitty pj's and she said, "I got them in the junior section!" I said, "Well, I'm not a junior." haha. i am grateful she thought of me it was just fun to tease her. those pants CRAZY comfortable so I rock them at home.

We went out to eat pretty much every day and my fave was Drunkin Jacks. DE-LISH. It's in Murrell's Inlet if anyone is familiar.

Funny story on the way home...
So we are flying home and Evan poo's, so Greg goes to change him and one of the doors says occupied the other says Vacant so he opens the door and a woman is sitting on the toilet. He said OH! I AM SO SORRY! and closes the door. Well he had to face her again because the guy never came out of the other bathroom. The lady apologized and Greg did again too and it was awkward for both of them. Then he gets into that bathroom and it was the one without the changing table so he has to change him on the toilet.  He was telling me he had to hold the baby on the toilet because Evan is a mover...he's forever squirming and he had to get the wipes and diaper with one hand  and he was dealing with poo not an easy pee diaper. So the image I had while he was telling me this story was great! I laughed so hard.

I miss my family so much! I'm always good for about an hour after my family leaves or I leave them and then it hits me and the water works turn on. It's so hard being away from them and not knowing if Evan will get to see them again before his 1st birthday. My parents are traveling to see my brother in sept or oct and then again when they have their baby in Feb and then they are coming here for Evan's 1st birthday and maybe for Greg's Graduation, so anytime in between there is a little unreasonable because it's so expensive. I'm going to try and make it out to Ohio again in oct/nov, but I'm not sure if I can swing it with work yet or not. Anywho I love them and I miss them and I hope we end up there in April or at least somewhere that is in a decent driving distance(max 8 hrs).

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So far in Myrtle Beach

I have been coming to Myrtle Beach with my family for about 20 years now, so we know the ins and outs of it and what's happenin in these parts, but my hubs was a first timer this year! It's been fun showing him the sights! Greg is on vacation from being a stay at home dad for the summer and from school, I am obviously on vacation from work and my little child...well, he's on vacation from the camera...I have had such a hard time getting him to look at the camera. I'm not sure if he is just fascinated with everything or if he's using his fascination to avoid the camera because really he works for me and his job right now is to look at the camera and smile about 50 times a day.
I figured I should make a post today while I have a chance because I'm going to accumulate more pictures and I would have one giant post if I did it all at one time and it would take me forever and I don't have forever so this is what we have done so far...

Lots of fun in the sun..

he says, "hey mom I told you I'm on vacation from the camera!"

am i dancing? maybe...

We went here and listened to pretty fantastic music and some comedy....

We went here and did some shopping at barefoot landing

We wet here and saw LeGrande Cirque...
Evan watched this show and the other show very intently! He loved it and all the noise didn't even phase him, he actually fell asleep in both shows!
it was similar to Cirque De Solei (sp?) They were doing stunts without harnesses! It was fun and they are crazy.

We then did shopping at Broadway at the beach which is definitely better than barefoot landing.

My hubs and my dad got fried so they look like this...

they changed the furniture in my parents never used to be this ugly

My hubs has a way of getting me to do things that scare me and the ocean is one of those things that scare me. He was able to get me out in it and I had a blast with him! It was so fun! I don't know why I've always been terrified of it. Anyway stay tuned for more fun!

PS Humidity is no friend to my hair. I have a natural wave that is usually controlled, but in the humidity it's unruly.