Sunday, May 27, 2012


I was making a dessert for our cook out tomorrow and this what I found
He's a lover of the oreo's

I put some food coloring in some yogurt (edible finger paint) and let Evan play in it, but clearly he's still too young for that..
Not only was it all over him, but all over the apt. I mean all over. It was pretty funny so we just let him continue to make a huge mess.

I've been letting Evan feed himself with utensil's and he does a pretty good job except he always ends up looking like this...

We've been taking lots of naps together

We got bored the other day and it was raining so we couldn't go outside so I made Evan a little shaker out of a paper towel roll, rice, tape, and tissue paper.
We went and smelled the flowers today at the Temple. This is his "mmm" face

Evan said "bubbles" and ouch in the form of "ow" today.

Evan says Hello and I absolutely love the way he says it.
PS. Sorry for the dark videos I keep forgetting to turn on the other light...

Evan says Bubbles

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I've been pinteresting

So I have wanted to actually do the things that I pin instead of just leave them on my boards. First I curled my hair with my straightener it got a lot more curly than I think it was supposed to, but I really liked it and it stayed all day!
this is what it was supposed to be
This is how it turned out
kind of looks like a rats nest, but I actually fixed it after this picture and then scurried off to church so I didn't get another picture

I will continue to try and perfect it

And then we moved on to taste some deliciousness. PS. My little boy totally ate these spicy burritos and loved them...the greek yogurt helps die down the spice but it's still spicy. We had to give Evan milk in between bite because he would stick out his tongue. he kept wanting more, so he got it. He ate 3/4 of his crockpot chicken taco....he knows good food.
Spicy bean and rice chipotle burrito's

Greg's Favorite- Crockpot chicken tacos

Homemade Samoa bars

Mine weren't as pretty as these. Exhibit A
But they were a total- Party in my mouth

We also made this delish mixture with choc chip cookie on bottom, oreo and/or reesee's cup with brownie on top (I am a fat girl at heart)

Because I'm still excited about everything my child does
He said, Thank you, dirty, and stinky today. 
Please check out his sweet dancing skills. The first video is of his original dance moves (I have been dying to get video of him flapping his hands and VICTORY! I caught got it!) but he has learned even more dance moves and I honestly have no idea what made him do these. The second video (his new moves) kills me- the knee bounce and shoulder pop...oh, he's a stud.

Saturday, May 19, 2012



Hey Mom, I brought you the biggest sticks I could find!

So Evan knows he's not supposed to go past the curb and so he'll stick his foot on it and look at me and wait or me to say, "no"
* Evan is learning nearly 2 words a day...his latest - "ello" for hello and "bum-bum" it's so cute when he says hieeee, but I figured we should move on to hello. He says stick too, but it doesn't sound like stick....if you know what i mean. I think he's a 13 month old genius.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Finally, and explanation

Misophonia is a real thing.
Ever since I was younger I have hated hearing people chew, swallow, read with stuffy noses, slurp drinks, and breathe heavy. Not just the "oh my gosh that's so annoying close your mouth, stop reading, drinking or breathing" kind of thing, but the "if I don't leave the room I am literally going to rip my hair out, yell, or peel my skin off" kind of feeling. when I was younger, I never knew how to deal with the way I was feeling when those things would happen, so I would end up in a bad mood. I have always been labeled "touchy" when I would make known my frustration. I have always felt like I was some weirdo that really was just "touchy" and I needed to find some way to get over it, but I have never been able to "get over it." 

Turns out, there are more weirdo's like me and some are way more severe than mine. Some people can't even be around their own parents because they hate their voices and it sends them into rage if they hear it. Others, like me, just can't stand to be around the noise. I will literally squirm and rub my head and face or have to leave the room or somehow distract myself from the noise.

When it comes to people eating- I can't sit right next to people at lunch if there aren't other people in the room to talk to so I am distracted from the chewing. If it's just me and someone else, I have to be at the opposite end of the table.

I guess I will go on dealing with my "thing" by leaving rooms or squirming in my seat until it's over.

Everyone has a "thing" and I just thought I'd share mine.

You can read about it here- these are a little more intense than mine...

Monday, May 14, 2012

oh, how I love being a momma!

Momma got lots of smooches for mothers day :o) and maybe some teeth marks on her bottom lip...

Mother's Day was like an all weekend deal for me.
Friday Greg and Evan painted a flower pot for the flower seeds I got (I have a secret obsession with plants and flowers) I knew they were going to do it, but I wasn't allowed to look at it after I took the picture until it was completely's so cute! They painted our family on it <3 This is one of the reason I adore my husband- He is so thoughtful and creative!

We went out to eat on Saturday with Greg's mom and grandma. On Sunday, Greg spoke Spanish to me all day because he knows how much I love it when he does even though I had absolutely no idea what he was saying.
Being this boy's momma has been so amazing. He has fit so perfectly in our family since the day he was born. I have learned so much from having my little guy. He has such a tender spirit and I feel so blessed that he's mine.
He's so curious about life and nature and it's so fun to go and explore with him. He get's so excited about ants and sewer covers that move just a little when he walks over them. He loves being in the grass and sometimes he just lays down in it and smiles and giggles. He has mastered blowing the little dandelion seed things off the stems and he sniffs flowers and bushes every time he walks by one and says, "mmm." He takes it all in and I've learned a lot about slowing down and taking it easy and to soak up the beauty of the world. I've learned what it means to be a mother and about the duty that comes with it. I have a sacred responsibility to raise my child unto the Lord with love and righteousness.  I know that I cannot force my children to heaven, but I will work hard to teach them everything they need to know to help them make that decision to always follow our Savior.
Mom brag moment- Not only can Evan point out body parts, but he's also saying their names! AND trying to dress himself. AND he climbs up on the couch and jumps off...scares me to death!

This is the part where I tell you how amazing I am- I totally got a cavity filled without any Local today- Just to see if I could handle it -Insert inner black girl comment-Holla!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Just Me

I've been wanting to get a decent picture of my new bangs....I don't even know if you can even tell I have them, but I can. and I love them. PS my hair really is the same length on both sides.

So I've been making some changes in my life- Spiritually, mentally, and physically.
It's been quite wonderful :o) 
I've been stuck in this rut for several reasons but some I can't discuss quite yet...but soon. I've been really needing to change it and so I figured why not work on everything?! 
I started working out again. That right there is practically life changing. The feeling after a work out in just indescribable. I was a work out machine before and during my pregnancy with Evan but when he came- I got so busy! Imagine that! I've made sure I give myself time everyday to get a good work out in and to do all the things necessary to keep me in tune with the spirit. 
I've also started doing this relaxation thing before falling asleep and, well, it's relaxing!
You think just think in your mind that you are relaxing every inch of your body starting with your toes and I've never gotten past my calves before falling asleep haha.
To top off all that, I bought some super feminine wedges. 

I'm going to be real- I feel so sexy in those things! My high heels don't even come close...
My husband took this next picture just playing around, but I actually think it's pretty cute. (cuter when you click on it to make it bigger)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Here ya go Daddio

My dad wanted me to post this picture so he could show off his grandson at work :o) Some of you have already seen it...
 carrying his momma on his shoulders :o)

My little man is learning...

Sometimes Evan Likes to dance with his daddy

And Sometimes he likes to dance by himself and on demand...

I have other things to post about that aren't pictures of my little one, but I'm not quite ready to post them :o)