Monday, May 14, 2012

oh, how I love being a momma!

Momma got lots of smooches for mothers day :o) and maybe some teeth marks on her bottom lip...

Mother's Day was like an all weekend deal for me.
Friday Greg and Evan painted a flower pot for the flower seeds I got (I have a secret obsession with plants and flowers) I knew they were going to do it, but I wasn't allowed to look at it after I took the picture until it was completely's so cute! They painted our family on it <3 This is one of the reason I adore my husband- He is so thoughtful and creative!

We went out to eat on Saturday with Greg's mom and grandma. On Sunday, Greg spoke Spanish to me all day because he knows how much I love it when he does even though I had absolutely no idea what he was saying.
Being this boy's momma has been so amazing. He has fit so perfectly in our family since the day he was born. I have learned so much from having my little guy. He has such a tender spirit and I feel so blessed that he's mine.
He's so curious about life and nature and it's so fun to go and explore with him. He get's so excited about ants and sewer covers that move just a little when he walks over them. He loves being in the grass and sometimes he just lays down in it and smiles and giggles. He has mastered blowing the little dandelion seed things off the stems and he sniffs flowers and bushes every time he walks by one and says, "mmm." He takes it all in and I've learned a lot about slowing down and taking it easy and to soak up the beauty of the world. I've learned what it means to be a mother and about the duty that comes with it. I have a sacred responsibility to raise my child unto the Lord with love and righteousness.  I know that I cannot force my children to heaven, but I will work hard to teach them everything they need to know to help them make that decision to always follow our Savior.
Mom brag moment- Not only can Evan point out body parts, but he's also saying their names! AND trying to dress himself. AND he climbs up on the couch and jumps off...scares me to death!

This is the part where I tell you how amazing I am- I totally got a cavity filled without any Local today- Just to see if I could handle it -Insert inner black girl comment-Holla!


  1. Your a great momma!!! That's sweet of Greg. It cracks me up. Happy mothers day!! Evan sounds like Gene. "the perfect child". Don't worry I'm sure you'll have a stinker eventually. Lol.

  2. Happy Mother's Day Lacey! You are an amazing mom!

  3. I'm so proud of you. You're such a sweet loving mother. Makes me smile : )