Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Evan is 11 months!

He's sort of 11 months....he would be on the 30th but there isn't a 30th this month, so he's kind of 11 months haha
My snuggleupagus is so BIG! This child has brought so much joy and love to our lives and we are so so so blessed and grateful to have him. Every stage has been so wonderful and joyful. He's just perfect and we can't get enough of him.

At 11 months
~He still puts anything and everything he finds in his mouth (I can't wait for this stage to be over)
~He pretty much won't eat unless he can feed himself
~Loves all things new. If there is something he has never seen before you better believe he thinks it's the coolest thing ever!
~He has 5 teeth and one on the way 
~LOVES Spinach and meat
~Loves to dance
~Loves to read books 
~Loves to push his trucks around
~Loves to kick balls and throw balls (or throw anything)
~He's starting to make animal's pretty cute. I'm pretty sure he said No the other day too.. 
~Loves being outside
~Addicted to his mama- Let the separation anxiety begin!
~Loves Dogs and cats...and we just out he also loves fish and Penguins
~He weighs 20 pounds according to my mom's scale.
~Points to things
~Has thrown his first couple tantrums- mainly because I had to take things away that were potentially harmful
 ~He loves chocolate- Don't worry we don't allow it often
~Likes to make a lot of noise by banging toys on tables, walls, doors, and together
~Loves being chased
~Loves being tickled
~Loves to wrestle
~Loves to chase the dog although the Dog does not like to be chased or have her tail and ears pulled...

Anyway, He's beautiful, perfect, and the most wonderful blessing to our family!

Monday, February 27, 2012

What we've been up to

Evan is no longer terrified of the vacuum cleaner

I felt like sewing and made Burp rags out of the extra material I had from Evan's blanket. If the next baby is a girl I hope she likes blue!

it will look like this on the edges after it's been washed

My mom's side of the family came over Saturday and we had fun game night complete with delicious appetizers. Here is Greg showing how the game Times Up! is done..

We went to the Newport Aquarium and Evan LOVED the fish

Saturday, February 18, 2012

FuNy BoY

Evan and I haven't seen much of Greg since we've been in Ohio and when we do get to see him he still has to work, so we really don't see him...
Today we decided since it was sort of nice out we would go to the park and spend some time together before Greg started working. 
One of the things I absolutely adore about my child is that he is so quick to smile and laugh. Sometimes I hear him giggling just when he's walking. It's so cute! I just love how happy he is and how sweet he is. He's such a tender hearted baby... I can't get enough of my little snugglelupagus!
Greg got into this bouncy/rocking car with Evan and then he figured out how to do it himself. He loves to rock. I think I'm going to have to buy him a rocking chair when we get back to Utah.

His face clearly shows how pleased he is with himself.

This one is not from the park, but it's pretty funny. He would cry every time we would stop because he loved it soo much.

He got a frog bath puppet for Love day :o)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

hard work

Greg got his first review of his work during the internship yesterday  and apparently he is an amazing Accountant!
He met expectations in certain categories and exceeded expectations in certain categories. I'm pretty proud of him. He's been working 60 hour weeks since we got here but it hasn't slowed him down at all. He's amazing.

Evan has decided that he no longer needs to drink formula. I know it's not the sippy cup because he was doing well drinking his formula. the past two weeks he's decided he's a big boy and formula is for babies....
I called his doc today and they told me to try whole milk. Apparently his doc switches kids at 6 months sometimes if they need to. so we'll see how that goes. They want him to get the fat he needs but also the iron and the iron comes from healthy food so it's going to be stressful making sure he's got a good balance of fat and iron. I guess I'm finally going to have to buy red meat. my husband will be so happy. 
here's my snuggleupagus playing with his car- notice how he gets all sorts of into it for a sec....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My baby is growing up

Big boy cup
typical face

This is a picture of what our days consist of...lots of fun and lots of laughter

poo stance :o)

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Between having lots of fun with my little one and spending time with family I have been making things...

I made Evan a rag quilt. I think I should have cut the edges shorter to make it more raggish, but maybe is will rag more with more washing's?

My grandma bought Evan these letters and I used scrap book paper to cover them (Thanks Monica!)

Evan's first birthday shirt I just finished. I want to make these for all my babies for each birthday at least until they are three.The stitching isn't perfect, but what-ev

Monday, February 6, 2012

First real Bump

Evan loves being outside and especially loves it because he can walk.
Yesterday, he wanted to touch the cat so he bent down but then lost his balance and slid on his face...on the cement

see's cat and charges

bends to is trying to decide if it should run instead of losing a baby sized handful of hair.

Cat ran. Baby fell.

papaw, let's go run some dogs!

handsomest of them all....mmhmmm handsomest

Sunday, February 5, 2012

No way!?





Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just having some fun

It's been so wonderful having time off with my little guy. We've been having lots of fun.
Evan still thinks it's great that he can walk so he giggles all the time when he's walking. It's so great how fast he progresses. Just on Sunday he was walking at church but with lots and lots of falls and on Tuesday he just started doing it all by himself without hardly any falls. AND he kept falling straight back and laughing because he would think it was funny when we caught him so we had to be right behind him at all times. He learned how to fall on his bum Tuesday, rather than straight back, flat as a board. He has started trying to run. It's so cute. He tries to get those little legs going. Check out some videos

In this one he thinks it's hilarious that he can slide on the floor in his wind breaker pants

Listen to that giggle...and watch the attempt to run

He tries to run again to Greg in this video

Showing off

He was trying to make the chair rock