Saturday, April 30, 2011

Evan is a month old already!

I can't believe Evan is already a month old! Crazy! I feel like I just had him! I'm excited for him to start smiling real smiles, not just have random reflexes!

My sweet husband got some pretty rockin' grades this semester so he's thinking he's going to get into the masters Program! That's exciting because the program is only a year and he'll have his masters! It's not exciting because I will be in Utah another 2 years....sigh... He still has to finish his senior year for his Bachelors and then the next year he starts the masters...well actually I think he technically starts the masters his senior year...anyway we'll know mid may for sure!

This is how I get things done around the child loves to be held and usually only by his mama...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mr. No cuddles

I know it's a good thing my baby can self soothe and put himself to sleep, but it makes me sad that he doesn't want to cuddle at night or during the afternoon when he naps. He will just cry until I lay him in his crib and give him his Pacifier and he falls asleep. At least he likes to snuggle up after I feed him in the Mornings :o)

He did this all by himself...

I had to thaw out chicken and things to make dinner and I told Evan I would be right back to get him and I came over to check on him and found him so content and chill I had to take a picture...
After Our walk the other day I took him out of the stroller, but he looked so comfy and half asleep I didn't want to disturb him by taking him out of his bunting bag, so he stayed this way for a little bit...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ice cream yesterday and a walk today

ok so funny story... Alyssa (cousin by marriage) called me yesterday and wanted to know if I wanted to get ice cream with her because Wednesday's are her day to whatever she wants and her hubs takes care of her little one, so we did just that. As we were eating our ice cream an older man gets out of his car and asks us if we know what lactose intolerance is and we said yes and then he said, "after 4 ulcers I am cured" or something like that and then told us he was going to get him some ice cream. I thought maybe Alyssa knew him the way he was talking to us and I asked her and she laughed and said no haha. Gotta love old men. So we had a treat, a laugh, and good girl talk..mainly about babies :o)

Evan and I went for a walk today because it was b-e-a-utiful outside! I took some pictures of him mainly because he's darling and because my grandma made him this bunting bag which has come in handy often!

Evan is finally in 0-3 month clothes! We get to box up the newborn stuff!

Evan has my freak toes...large gap between big toe index toe

Evan update

Just as I suspected, my little sugar has reflux. The doctor was asking questions about him and with nearly every question I was like yes, that's what he does! He has to be on Prevacid until 9-12 months, but hopefully it helps. He is gaining weight- he was 9lb 1oz today! I'm so happy there is an answer and we can make him feel better :o)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter and a little of Evan

Easter is never the same for me here as it is back home. I am so grateful that Greg's Grandma gives us a place to go for the holidays when we don't go home and the dinner she makes, which I am sure is no easy task for her. I will always be partial to my Grandma Whaley's dinners because I'm pretty sure Betty Crocker doesn't even compare to my Grandma's deliciousness. I miss my family so much on holidays and it's really hard to actually have any holiday spirit. I do love spending them with my husband, but I miss the hustle and bustle and pure chaos of my giant family dinners back home.

Although I don't get as excited about holidays I did enjoy reflecting on the Resurrection of our Savior and what it means for us. Greg and I read scriptures together and with Evan about the Resurrection and had a discussion about it, so it made me be a little more grateful and to really appreciate the holiday and focus on the true meaning and not just the family gathering and it made me get out of my little holiday rut.

The bunny cake I learned to make from my Grandma that I now make every year :o)

Evan is going to see the doctor tomorrow because he spits up A LOT! I wasn't too concerned about it until Monday.  I was feeding him and while I was feeding him he threw up all over me...not spit was definitely more than that. But I know babies can do that from time to time so I just figured I would watch him and make sure he didn't do again. He didn't until today. He's been spitting up like crazy too. I called the Doctor and since he's still having lots of wet diapers we are going to have him see the doctor tomorrow because his doctor isn't in today. While I was feeding him today he spit up 3 times in the middle of the feed and then after he was done he spit up 4 more times. I only counted that time so I could give the doctors office a little more info, so they know what I mean about him doing it a lot. Other than that he's great!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So much Love

I don't think I could ever express the amount of love I have for my little boy. I feel like there aren't enough words or strong enough words to really make someone understand how much I love this little tiny person.

When I lay him down to shower, eat, clean or do anything else it makes me feel so bad, hence the reason I am typing with one hand right now. I feel like I need to hold him every second because in 5 weeks I have to leave him during the day and I'm not gonna lie, I worry his adorable little head will go flat.... Thankfully, we are slow at work during the spring/summer, so I won't be gone too long most days. This is the first time I have ever been grateful to hopefully not have many hours. I feel like he needs to somehow know how bad I don't want to leave him and how much I love him and I feel like if I hold him and tell him how much I love him all day long he'll somehow know it and feel it. Sometimes I worry he'll be more attached to his babysitter than me because some days she'll see him more than I will. I also worry that no one will hold him and give him as much love as his momma does. I worry about him learning everything he needs to learn without me being there during most of the day.We are hoping Greg's classes end fairly early in the fall, so Evan won't have to be without his mom or dad for very long. My mom and grandma are coming out for 3 weeks while Greg has spring classes, so he won't be with a babysitter until september. I am so grateful for my mom and Grandma. I wish there was some way for me to stay home until Greg is done with school, but if we want to keep our savings, pay bills, eat, and have insurance - It's not possible or if it is I don't know how to do it and any suggestions are welcome :o)

I just love watching him. Every tiny movement and facial expression just melts my heart. He is such a blessing and I am so grateful Heavenly Father has entrusted me to care for him. The only thing I have ever wanted in my life was to be a wife and a mother and I am now so unbelievably content with my life. I was happy when Greg and I got married but I couldn't help but be excited for us to have children. Now I am in sheer bliss. I love being a wife and a mother. It's definitely not all gum drops and glitter especially at 3am, but I wouldn't trade my life for anyone's. Evan doesn't even cry in the wee hours he just wiggles around in bed and grunts and it always wakes me up, so I get up to feed and change him. When Greg is done with school I will be able to be the wife and mother I truly want to be.  I can't think of anything better than being a mother.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Name is Khan

I think everyone should watch this movie! It's so good! I wish it were a true story, but it's still a good one. It's about this Muslim that has Aspergers Syndrome. He comes to America and meets a hindu lady and falls in love and then when 9/11 happens his whole world is turned upside down. He goes on this quest to have make his wife love him again. Aspergers Syndrome is a type of Autism where the individual is incredibly intelligent, but lacks social skills and like most Autistic people they have a really hard time showing affection which makes this movie extra special. I know this isn't a true story but just the thought of someone with Austism being able to show love like he does it should be so easy for the rest of the world to love one another.

Here's a picture of my sweet boy and a video of Evan patting his head...he does this a lot and I promised my mom I would upload it for her.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby blues?

Gotta love hormones. Sometimes I just want to cry. Last night was one of those nights which may have been a mixture of my hormones and the fact that my parents left yesterday afternoon. So, I cried. Greg asked me if I was worried about something and I said, "yes, everything." and of course we talked about it all and he's always so wonderful at making me feel better. Last night my worry was about Evan getting enough when he breastfeeds. I know he is, so I have no idea why I was so upset...oh wait, hormones. He's gaining weight well and when he's done eating I lay him in front of me to see if he continues his feeding cues and usually he stretches his arms over his head and looks really relaxed, but yesterday he was having a weird day. He doesn't normally cry unless he needs something, but yesterday he cried so much and I felt so helpless. I had done everything I could think of and then I read that at 2 weeks babies start to cry more...purple crying. It was seriously the worse feeling in the world seeing him like that. I wanted to make him better but I couldn't and it broke my heart. His little cry is just so sweet and innocent and every time I hear it I could cry right with him because it's just so sad. Anyway, he's better today and how could I not be every time I see this face?


Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Beezle

Yes, Evan has a nickname which started in Mother Baby.

He was two weeks yesterday and had his 2 week check up on Tuesday. He has grown 2 1/2 inches! He's 21 inches long now and he was 6lb 14 oz at his 2 day circumcision check and at his two week he was 7lb 7oz he is growing growing...I know it's a good thing, but it's happening so fast already and it makes me a little sad! He is one healthy baby boy which I am so grateful for.

Evan got to meet Grandma and Grandpa this week, but unfortunately I already deleted the pictures from my camera after downloading them on the computer. They are in love with him. My mom can't stop crying because she doesn't want to leave. Grandpa is in Grandpa heaven and he calls himself's kind of cute :o)

We went for a walk yesterday because it was beautiful and warm and Beezle wore one of his hats uncle Tim picked out for him...he really likes his head being warm

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Preview of our photo shoot with Evan

We were lucky enough to have a friend of a friend come to the house and take pictures of Evan and they turned out beautifully! This is just a preview. She took tons, but we are waiting for the CD.
Baby Evan

Baby Evan

Baby Evan

Baby Evan
Baby Evan

Baby Evan

Monday, April 4, 2011

I was not prepared for such awesomeness

Everyone tells you how hard being a mom is, but no one tells you how stinkin' awesome it is! I love this! During labor I told Greg we were adopting the rest of our kids unless he wants to give birth haha. I have since changed my mind... I want to do this all over again, not anytime too soon, but there are no words that can express the love I have for this baby and the way it makes me feel seeing Greg and him together. This little baby pretty much lives with a camera in his face. Greg loves taking video's of him and I love snapping pictures, so hopefully he will learn to love it early. He's eating so much more now I think it's because my milk finally came in and he has finally gotten the hang of the whole nursing deal.

My husband is so amazing at being a dad and husband. Last night I was so exhausted and Evan had peed up through his diaper and we had to change the crib sheet and of course all of his clothes. Greg made me stay in bed so he could do all of it and then Evan was hungry, but I had pumped earlier that day and froze the milk, so Greg went and fed him too. I was thankful for that because I could barely keep my eyes open. He's just doing so wonderful and has taken on this role full force and with excitement. I've fallen in love with him all over again, so he's got a lot of love from this girl haha. Anyway here are some pics from the past few days.

Evan's sponge bath...we will actually be able to give him a real bath as soon as his circumcision heals and his cord falls off.

Evan has been a feet crosser since the womb...
My sweet family..

He is constantly putting his lips in an O's so funny.