Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Family pictures

to my family members... Greg and I are going to print pics off on Saturday, so tell us which fam pic you want and which Evan pic you want and we will mail it to you. I will put the number below the corresponding picture as the caption and you just tell me which you want :o)






















22 "what? What'd I do?"



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A little bit of everything- seriously it's a pretty random blog...

First, Evan is 5 months!!

He is such a fun boy! We sure love this child! He wants to crawl so bad, but he still hasn't figured out how NOT to do a face plant when he moves his legs haha He is lovin' his solid food now and eats like a champ. He even loves the rice cereal, which I seriously thought would never happen. He just starting sucking his thumb like last week and it's so adorable! He curls his little finger up over his nose and sucks away on that thumb. Every time I go to get a picture he stops, but I will catch him one of these days! He hates it when we leave the room because he can't see us. He even hates it when I get off the floor from playing with him and move 10 feet to do something in the kitchen. He tries to touch everything and I love it. I love watching him explore and learn. He's so curious about everything. He sits up like a pro, but he's been doing that for like 3 weeks or so. We took him to the doc saturday because he was pulling at his ear and he was sitting up on the table looking in the mirror and the doc came in and said is he 6 months? I said no he's almost 5 months and she said, well then he is sitting up super well and his gross motor skills are stellar, apparently. He does have an ear infection :o( but it seems to be better because he hasn't been tugging on his ear. Teething can cause ear infections due to the saliva/mucus build up in the ears and they don't drain well during babyhood.  He's such a happy little guy. We are so blessed and so grateful to have him in our family.

These thoughts will not flow just to warn you.

I am imperfect, but it's O.K. As a working mom I try hard to make up for the time I take away from my baby and husband by doing lots of other things and sometimes I feel like I should be able to do those things better or more things and that I should be able to manage my time a little better to be able to play with my two men and get it all done, but it's not always possible.
We had a lesson in Relief Society over one of the General Conference talks and what I took from it mostly was that it's ok to not be perfect right now or superwoman. As long as I am progressing towards perfection then that's all that matters. It's not possible to attain perfection in this life. In fact, if I am constantly comparing myself to people that are able to do more, then I am actually hindering my progression. If I haven't gotten the dishes done, but I have played with my baby and my husband I have read our scriptures together than that is O.K. If I haven't vacuumed or cleaned the bathroom, but I have sat and chatted with my husband for a long period of time then I have done more than I would have if I would have cleaned. I'll take spending time with my family and helping my little one learn and explore over cleaning or anything else not important any day, but trust me those who know me, know that I deep clean at least once a week as opposed to every other day that I used to do...haha...yeah, it's true.
"We prepare each day, right now, for eternal life. If we are not preparing for eternal life, we are preparing for something else, perhaps something far less."- Elder Ballard (an Apostle) Yes, Apostles do exist! God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, so why wouldn't there be prophets and apostles?

To those who are LDS- have you ever shared the gospel with someone and wish there was some way they could feel what you feel about the gospel- how wonderfully perfect and beautiful it is?  because if they felt it, they would never hesitate to join the Lords true church. If they would just listen, they would feel it and they would know it's true, just as sure as we know it. 
I was recently talking with an old friend and it made me remember how thankful I am to have the knowledge I have of eternal families and God's plan of happiness. she said her pastor told her we won't remember our loved ones or be married when we die. C'mon people, if God is a just and merciful God do you really think he would take the most important memories and people away from us? Absolutely not! We would be miserable and he wants us to be happy! Everything God does here is binding in heaven, so if we are married here, by the proper authority, we will be married in heaven! I couldn't even imagine spending eternity without my two sugars nor could i imagine God allowing that.

Greg and I have decided that if we are ever upset or frustrated or sad we are just going to turn on some music and DANCE! It's amazing how much it helps and how incredibly foolish we look. :o)

We had folks over for dinner a couple weeks ago and the menu consisted of: garlic chicken, corn on the cob of which i have the best recipe for known to's a crock pot recipe :o) rolls, twice baked po-tat-oes, and homemade ice cream sandwiches. 

OH! And Greg and I are going on a little weekend get-a-way to a resort in a couple weeks! Bring on the scuba diving and massages! My momma is coming out and will be staying wih our tiny tot :o) I can't wait to remember what it feels like to get 8 hours of non-interrupted sleep :o)

Now I am going to go stuff my face with some very fattening deliciousness because I only weigh 96 pounds and I don't like being able to see my ribs.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

sneak peek at our family pictures that we had done today

Greg & Lacey

Greg & Lacey

Greg & Lacey

Greg & Lacey

Greg & Lacey

we'll post more when we get our disc! THANKS LINDSEY! YOU ROCK!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Evan scoots!!!!

I'm so happy I had the day off to witness this! Almost 5 months old and scooting!!!You can see him scoot a couple times in the video we need to get him to do it on the floor I think it will be easier for him. Don't mind the bare mattress we are doing laundry today and I haven't put new sheets on.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Love, Love, Love....and yes I had Lady Gaga in my head as I typed (don't judge me).

Greg's take on Love...
It's no wonder the two great commandments have to do with love. If you don't love someone, you'll never care enough to serve them, help them, get to know them, etc. Love makes it so much easier to be patient and understanding with someone; and it's a good thing I love my son because sometimes he can scream pretty loud for a pretty long time. I really do love that boy though. I can begin to understand how much our heavenly father loves us and how he was able to sacrifice his own son for our sakes, because I would do anything for my son. I remember hearing one time that a stake president focused on getting members to engage in studying their scriptures daily. The reason is that he believed that if the members were reading their scriptures daily everything else would just fall into place. If they were reading their scriptures, they would also attend church on Sunday. If they read their scriptures, they would pay their tithing. And so on. I think love has the same kind of power and affect on people. If you love someone, you will serve them and care about them, and everything you're supposed to do as a neighbor, spouse, parent, or whatever, will just fall into place.

Lacey's take on Love..
Can you tell we just had an FHE on Missionary work that turned into an FHE on Love?
So there are people I deal with that I pretty much just want to slap on a daily basis and so one day I asked myself, "self, how do you deal with difficult people?" Which was really stupid but smart at the same time because I'm the one that doesn't know how to deal with them, but at the same time I already knew the answer I just had to remind myself. And yes that means I answered myself.....scary, I know.
what was the answer?
my thought---> "You just have to love them"
It's so true! Not easy (yet), but so true! So basically here I am having an internal struggle and thinking I just really want to yell at you, but no I must love you! Anyway, now that you have been inside my head for a second I better move on because you really don't want to be in there long... :o)
I've been trying to implement the quote at the top of my blog and doing so really has changed my feelings towards difficult people and it really is amazing what service can do. Service can be anything good, it doesn't have to be some monumental awe inspiring act. I promise you when you do a service you will want do it again and again because that feeling is spectacular. The amount of love you gain for people you serve is indescribable. Not only do you love them, but you are able to to forgive them and let things roll off our shoulders and sometimes may not even give two thoughts about something crappy they did. Maybe we are able to do those things because when we have more love we also have more patience and we become more meek because we become more Christ like (2 words? 1 word?) eh, what-ev. When we have more love in our hearts we are SO. MUCH. HAPPIER. Like, crazy amounts of happy. Everything just seems to come more natural when we have love in our hearts. We don't have to fake happiness or fake that we care about someone else because we really are happy and we really do care. It's interesting how love can really make you patient. I am so patient with Evan. I mean I never knew I really had patience until I had my tiny tot and the only reason I have patience is because I love that kid so much I could burst, not even kidding. Which means when I am impatient with others I need to learn how to love them and I need to give more charity/service because Charity is Love and service enables Love. 
I feel like I totally just rambled..which is why it's a little scary in my head sometimes, but hopefully it made some sense.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Evan's latest

sleeps with bum in air as of 8-16-11

Now when I go to pick him up he puts his arms out to the side. I love it! Soon he'll move them to the front of his body, but it's so cute right now :o)
He wants to crawl so bad! He puts his little knees under him and pushes off, but they always slide out. he gets to where he wants to go eventually. He just started saying mama... he doesn't know what it means, but I love his babbling.
Greg took some pictures of Evan the other day falling asleep in random places unexpectedly. Greg put him on the couch to make a bottle or something and then came back and Evan had rolled over and fell asleep, but don't worry Greg assured me he kept a close eye on him so he didn't suffocate in the cushions. Then he had him up playing and he just leaned over and fell asleep haha.

I just can't get enough of this face

here are some videos of him playing and also of him rolling over and trying to scoot. He rolls from front to back and back to front on purpose!


Sunday, August 14, 2011


Greg and I have been trying to make some pretty tough decisions lately regarding a lot of different things and so We have been praying that we would find a way to figure everything out and the past few days our prayers have been answered in some of the coolest ways. The Primary song that goes Heavenly Father are you really there and do you hear and answer every child's prayer (I don't know the name of it)...has been in my head a lot haha. I forever have primary songs in my head now because I sing them to Evan, but this one just popped in when we received these blessings.  While we were going through this all I could think was, the Lord will provide...we'll get through this.

He knows us and loves each of us. He is well aware of what we need before we even ask, but we still have to do our part. I'm so grateful for such a loving Heavenly Father.

check out these video's and pics....sometimes I have a hard time believing he's only 4 months old. He's pretty fun!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Page 2 DONE! and some of Evan and our adventures

So here it is quiet book page 2..

The apples snap on and off and the kids can put the apples in the basket I made or shall i say, weaved. We haven't thought of a saying yet, but I am thinking about putting, "fill up the basket and give as Jesus gives." I sing Give Said The Little Stream to Evan all the time, so I figured it would be fun to take something away from that song. For the full lyrics go here Give said the Little stream It's super cute :o) You can click on the pictures to enlarge them to see them better if you want. I hand sewed all the leaves and the basket but the apples and trunk I used my machine. It took forever because I had to redo my apples and I didn't have much time the past couple weeks. 

Evan tried Peas..

Evan fell over and Greg caught him with his foot and then Evan hung on to his toe for dear life

Evan is sitting up unsupported so well these days!

We went up Squaw Peak with some friends and had Tin foil dinners and Reese cup s'mores. we mainly took pics of Evan except for the one we took of Jared, who we are avidly trying to find a wife for!

Jared: Greg's other Accounting boyfriend

That's Rebekah in the background. She is married to Greg's real Accounting Boyfriend and they are having a baby Monday the 15th !

Greg was able to Baptize my grandpa yesterday and I was able to go watch thanks to my dear friends a hop, skip, and a jump away. My dad had asked us to do it a while ago and we finally did it! It was such a wonderful experience! It was pretty cool too because Greg had baptized several Men while we were there and I could feel in my heart when he baptized my grandpa and I asked him when he was done which baptism was my grandpa's and he told me and it was the one where I got the warm fuzzies from the spirit. Pretty cool.