Thursday, June 30, 2011

A trip to Ohio and Evan is 3 months!

i decided i had to go to ohio with my hubs and baby because i would go insane if i didn't. so i did. can i just tell you how much i love my family? the girls in my family are so much fun to be around and it was so nice to be able to talk with them and laugh for like 3 hours! i miss them all so much. I was able to go to lunch with a friend and catch up. my moms friend who i have always called aunt karen even though we are not related came out and met my sweet boy. my cousin cut my hair which i'm lovin'! greg got 2 new suits while we were out there and he is such a stud in them! we wanted to meet up with other people too but life happens and we weren't able to, so maybe next time!  Evan has a hard time being away from his environment at home. He was like a totally different baby when we got home yesterday. He's normally super happy all day and only fussy when he's tired or hungry, but I felt like he fussed more than usual when we went to Ohio and when we went to Washington to see my brother and SIL. When he's home he's as happy as a clam.

unfortunately i didn't take any pictures with my camera because greg had my sd card that goes in my camera in his pocket because we printed off pictures from it on friday and i forgot to put it back in the camera and as we were getting out of the car i was like oh no! greg grab the sd card from the car and then it went in his pocket and didn't come out untill 10pm saturday night :o( so hopefully i can get some from those that took pictures and i will post them. i'm so happy i went and my family was able to meet evan. i just wish we would have stayed all week. my next visit will definitely be at least 7 days. here are some pics  of my dad holding evan and my mom, but her head is cut off...
Evan is 3 months!
if only you could see his super smiley face he had going on

he's 3 months and he's so excited about it

he loves his hands...i think he just prays a lot.

this is what my happy boy generally looks like.
Evan at 3 months
He rolls over! He usually just likes to roll to his side and hang out there, but occasionally he goes all the way over.  He is forever cooing and smiling. I love it so much. He's such a sweet and happy boy. He loves to cuddle and I love it that he loves it! he doesn't like to lay down and if we try to lay him back on our chests he throws his body forward so he can sit up and see the world. he can actually sit up for about 10-15 seconds all by himself...i don't know if that's normal for ever baby, but i like to think he's a strong boy! He loves it when i sing to him and occasionally he sings a long...he'll look at me in the eyes and just coo away. I feel like this past week he has started looking so much bigger. he's going to be crawling before i know it. i don't want to miss or forget a single thing so i write everything down in my journal and his baby book and i take about a million pictures a day. just a couple days ago he started turning himself in bed. i will put him down and when i go to check on him he has turned himself 90-180 degrees every time. And he slobbers about as much as a St Bernard...not even kidding...He's such a joy to be around and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

I'm so incredibly protective of my little boy...and maybe a little too protective, but i just can't help it.

Here's a video i took right when i got home from work so his first time seeing me in 4 hours..

another video...he loves his gum brush

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Evan rolled over!!

THAT'S RIGHT! HE DID IT!!!! Video to come soon....

2. I told my husband i wouldn't mind finding out i was pregnant...but i am willing to wait until evan is 6 months so the good ole uterus is nice and strong. am i crazy? maybe but, i just love being a mom and i want lots of little tiny people and this whole experience has been fabulous.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's day!

We celebrated Greg's first father's day and it was exciting for all of us! Greg got Protein and a Golds Gym membership. We had dinner at his Grandma's too! Here are some pics from today...
Evan has this thing where he likes to hold our finger when he's trying to fall asleep.

Happy 1st Father's Day!
Evan lifted his head for several consecutive minutes for the first time today and I got a pic of it!

I am just going to boast about my hubs for a quick minute. I am so thankful for my husband. He is so wonderful! He absolutely loves being a daddy and Evan just adores him. Greg took on the roll of being a dad full force from the minute Evan was born. I have been so grateful for that. Since I have to get up at 4:45am most mornings Greg gets up with Evan at night and he enjoys it! I love being in the next room and hearing him read Evan stories, speak spanish to him, and hear him say things like, "Evan you are my best friend" He's so good to me as well. Lately he has been cooking dinner because I feel like when I get home I have to spend all my time with both of them and I can't do that if I am cooking, so he has taken over! He is always aware of my needs and so loving all the time. I love when he gives me spiritual thoughts for no reason and when he turns on his witty sense of humor and makes me laugh until I nearly pee my pants. I could go on forever, but he wants me to finish the movie we started 3 hours's really hard to finish a movie under two hours now because of the babes, but we wouldn't trade our new life as parents for anything.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Battle Creek Falls

I heard about this waterfall in Pleasant Grove and I really wanted to see it, so Greg and decided to go today. It was an easy 1/2 mile hike up and it was beautiful!

I hiked up the side of it and shot this pic. I hiked on top of it but I couldn't get a pic looking down over it.

This is a super happy baby that enjoyed his hike up the canyon

he has the Barcus blue eyes for sure :o)
While we were hiking down the mountain I had a near death experience with 2 snakes! Ok not really but it felt like one. They just slithered along side me and scared the begeezies out of me and yes I screamed and it echoed and I felt silly, but EEEWWW and AAAHHHH!

Just because...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Sooooo I'll be in Ohio June 25th-29th!!!!

Can I just tell you how much I love this...
No, I can't because I love it tooooooooooooooo much!

This is how sweet my boy is

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last minute decision

So my hubs is taking off to Ohio June 25th - 29th and he is taking our sweet boy with him so the rest of our fam can meet him and I wasn't planning on going because of PTO. I need to save 30 hours for Myrtle Beach in July and I was afraid I wouldn't have enough, but turns out I have more than enough! I have to wait until tomorrow morning to hear back from manager before I can book a flight but I'm hoping it's a go! I found a cheap ticket so hopefully it's there tomorrow if I get the ok from my manager! Keep those fingers crossed!

I took these yesterday and I couldn't resist posting them (maybe someday I will find more to post about than my adorable child...and maybe not)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without...and some other things

My grandma and mom were here the first 3 weeks that I went back to work and they watched Evan while Greg was at school aaaaannnnnd they fixed my fave jeans for me!

If anyone has a love affair with their jeans it's me.  I love jeans. LOVE them. and so when I find a pair that I really love I pretty much wear them until there are holes. My most recent fave pair got a whole in the knee so my mom and grandma made them into capri's/long shorts (not really sure what to call them) for me while I was busy with work and the fam.

Greg had to do some family history stuff so we went to SLC today and went to the museum of church history after the family history library and there was a bunk replica that had a sign to try it out if you want... so naturally my husband just had to..

We let Evan play in the grass for the first time the other day and he was so curious about it...he just kept looking down at it...

Monday, June 6, 2011

A trip to Washington

My Husband, baby, mom and grandma all went to Washington state this past weekend to see my brother and his wife. Sadly, my dad was unable to attend the gathering due to work...I'll let you view pictures before I go into detail....
 My sweet boy on his first Airplane ride!


These pictures are of us at the public market...what a way cool place! It was so fun!

This place was the restaurant that was in Sleepless in Seattle :o)

Just a little street corner music we can all appreciate

My brother....I feel like he looks like he might go crazy in this picture

Evan meets Aunt Kim!
 Uncle Tim tries to soothe my very tired child...

So we flew to WA Friday night and we left Sunday night. Very short trip, but well worth it. It was so nice to see them and see where they are living. I never saw their first house in Texas, only their apartment. It was nice to see their beautiful home in WA. My brother and his wife can whip up some delicious food, so we were able to eat lots of their delicious creations.

I'm so incredibly happy that they were able to meet Evan while he is still a tiny babe. Hopefully they will be able to see him again before he starts walking. I do hope that someday they will have kids. I think they would be great parents!

I saved my most favorite picture for last...

My brother and I weren't on good terms for a long time. We just disagree on some things and we are both stubborn, so we had a hard time getting past it all. I felt like this weekend may have been the beginning to a rekindled relationship. I want to be close to him, I just don't know how to be. I think that's the hardest part...knowing where to start.  When he hugged me in this picture a part of me didn't want him to let go and I secretly teared up a bit (ever since I had Evan I've been and even bigger softy than I already was, so waterfalls all the time are pretty much my norm). I wanted to squeeze him because for a brief moment I thought I might be able to make up for lost time if we just had a good long hug. I want my little boy to know his uncle. I need to be a better sister and a better example to my little boy and to my brother. Family is so important. Our relationships in heaven will be the same as they are here on earth and I don't want to not speak to my brother for all eternity...that would be awful. My hope is that we will both make an effort to rekindle the relationship and be super close...the kind of close where he would be the second person I would call when good things hubs will always be the first, but I've always longed for that relationship with my brother where I felt like I could call him with anything and we would have fun little chats. Maybe someday.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

correction of my previous post

Evan's head is 15 in...NOT 15 cm... so whatever 15 in is in cm??