Thursday, June 30, 2011

A trip to Ohio and Evan is 3 months!

i decided i had to go to ohio with my hubs and baby because i would go insane if i didn't. so i did. can i just tell you how much i love my family? the girls in my family are so much fun to be around and it was so nice to be able to talk with them and laugh for like 3 hours! i miss them all so much. I was able to go to lunch with a friend and catch up. my moms friend who i have always called aunt karen even though we are not related came out and met my sweet boy. my cousin cut my hair which i'm lovin'! greg got 2 new suits while we were out there and he is such a stud in them! we wanted to meet up with other people too but life happens and we weren't able to, so maybe next time!  Evan has a hard time being away from his environment at home. He was like a totally different baby when we got home yesterday. He's normally super happy all day and only fussy when he's tired or hungry, but I felt like he fussed more than usual when we went to Ohio and when we went to Washington to see my brother and SIL. When he's home he's as happy as a clam.

unfortunately i didn't take any pictures with my camera because greg had my sd card that goes in my camera in his pocket because we printed off pictures from it on friday and i forgot to put it back in the camera and as we were getting out of the car i was like oh no! greg grab the sd card from the car and then it went in his pocket and didn't come out untill 10pm saturday night :o( so hopefully i can get some from those that took pictures and i will post them. i'm so happy i went and my family was able to meet evan. i just wish we would have stayed all week. my next visit will definitely be at least 7 days. here are some pics  of my dad holding evan and my mom, but her head is cut off...
Evan is 3 months!
if only you could see his super smiley face he had going on

he's 3 months and he's so excited about it

he loves his hands...i think he just prays a lot.

this is what my happy boy generally looks like.
Evan at 3 months
He rolls over! He usually just likes to roll to his side and hang out there, but occasionally he goes all the way over.  He is forever cooing and smiling. I love it so much. He's such a sweet and happy boy. He loves to cuddle and I love it that he loves it! he doesn't like to lay down and if we try to lay him back on our chests he throws his body forward so he can sit up and see the world. he can actually sit up for about 10-15 seconds all by himself...i don't know if that's normal for ever baby, but i like to think he's a strong boy! He loves it when i sing to him and occasionally he sings a long...he'll look at me in the eyes and just coo away. I feel like this past week he has started looking so much bigger. he's going to be crawling before i know it. i don't want to miss or forget a single thing so i write everything down in my journal and his baby book and i take about a million pictures a day. just a couple days ago he started turning himself in bed. i will put him down and when i go to check on him he has turned himself 90-180 degrees every time. And he slobbers about as much as a St Bernard...not even kidding...He's such a joy to be around and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

I'm so incredibly protective of my little boy...and maybe a little too protective, but i just can't help it.

Here's a video i took right when i got home from work so his first time seeing me in 4 hours..

another video...he loves his gum brush

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