Friday, January 28, 2011

32 weeks already!?

I can't believe I'm 32 weeks pregnant already! I've graduated to every two week appointments! Progress! I feel like it has gone so fast! I have a feeling I'm really going to miss being pregnant. We'll see in a few more weeks how I feel about it :o) Working out is becoming a little more of a task than it ever has been for me. I love working out and it's my drug for sure. When I get off work I usually work out soon after I get home because it's so nice to relieve the stress of nursing and to do something completely different. Recently I have found myself getting out of breath way faster than I ever have before in my life of working out and I can only imagine it has to do with my growing in-utero child :o) I'm probably just going to have to take it a little slower and maybe shorter as the due date approaches. I'm still not in maternity pants yet...I'm kind of hoping I never have to wear them mainly because I still need to hem them and I'm procrastinating. I think I don't have to wear them yet because most of my pants are low rise so they fit perfectly under my belly. I can still wear some of my shirts that are longer, but most of the time I wear maternity shirts. On a different note...Greg has had 3 interviews with 3 company's in Ohio for a summer leadership position and we would like for him to get all three because it increases his chances of getting hired at one of those places when he graduates which could be in a year! I do hope he gets into the masters program because his opportunity's would increase greatly. Either way here or there...somewhere he will get his masters. Also, I am being released from my calling either this week or next week...I've already met with the new president and gone over the binders with her and all the necessary details but when she left I looked at the spot where I kept the RS stuff and wanted to cry a little (who knows could be hormones). I have mixed emotions about it. I loved being the relief society president it was so fun to get to know so many amazing women and learn from them and really have a part in the nitty gritty of Relief Society and to learn what it truly means to be a part of Relief Society. Now I think about all that I should have done and wish we would have done as a presidency. It's funny how you realize you could have done more here or there when it's too late. If there is ever a next time I have bigger plans :o) It was a huge calling so in a way it's a relief especially with a new baby coming along, but I will definitely miss it for sure. I've learned a lot about myself and that the impossible is actually possible sometimes.