Friday, September 30, 2011

Evan is 6 months!!

we are going to the game tonight...hence all the byu gear

We were skyping with my mom and he was hanging onto me :o)

6 Months!

How is that even possible?! 
He weighs 16.12 pounds- 25%
His length 27inches- 72.26%
His head circ- 16.75in-19.19%

His Doc said he is long and lean and he expects him to keep growing that way! Yay for taking something after his papa.

His Doc asked us where Evan's Grandparents were and when we told him they were 27 hours away he said that was a shame because Evan is every grandparents dream granbaby because he is so alert and loves to interact with people. He's such a good baby and he always takes his shots like a pro. 
He is trying to crawl so bad! He moved one leg and one arm today in the right crawl form but then became a frog and leaped forward. He'll get on his knee's and rock back and forth trying to figure it out. He'll be crawling very soon. 
He has his first tooth!!!! I found it this morning and literally started crying. He's getting so big. He's into banging his hands on things now and banging his toys on the floor or anywhere else. It's pretty cute.

Greg received an internship offer at one of the Big 4 accounting firms and he has 3 second interviews. He has an interview in Cincy with Grant Thornton in October and at PWC in Detroit and at Ernest and Young in Columbus. All of those he flies out to the office to do the second interview and he said that he's heard that the econd interview is basically just for him to see the office and so he'll more than likely get offers while he is there and then we'll decide which company would be a better fit for our Family. So go Greg for being such a wonderful Accounting student! I'm so proud of him!

I talked to my manager today about taking a 12 week leave of absence and she has to talk to my other manager but it's looking good so I'll be able to go with my hubby and be home for Christmas! 

We are also going to Washington for Thanksgiving at my brother's! I'm so excited it will be so fun!

We have been so blessed and I'm so so grateful!

Lessons from a Dentist and a CRNA

I've been having negative feelings towards people in Utah. In a nut shell I've seen and heard so many LDS people doing things that are totally contrary to their covenants and what we are taught. 

I went on a little rant about it during one of my cases at work and I happened to be doing Dental that day- we put little kids that won't behave in the dentist office to sleep and then the dentist fixes their teeth without struggling. While I was starting the wee ones IV I was still ranting and then the CRNA said (after being in total agreement with me), 

"The only thing I can say is that we don't know what is in their hearts." 

How true that is.

Not only do we not know what is in their hearts but we also don't know where they are in their lives or their progression spiritually. 

I think that is probably the hardest thing- not to judge others 

The second Hardest thing- Not to compare ourselves to others. I think this is harder for women. We shouldn't be so hard on ourselves. I'm sure most of us do what we can when we can. It's hard being a full time mom and a full time wife and a full time worker and somehow making it all work and still having time for adequate family time and me time. We shouldn't care if someone does it better than we do.

I guess I just thought when we came out here it would be easy and everyone would live the gospel perfectly. You know what? people are people everywhere you go. None of us are perfect we just need to love each other and be happy and encourage each other instead of hurting each other.

I'm still not real sure why this sentence hit me like a ton of bricks and brought me to tears, but I can tell you why I think it may have.

We were talking about Baptisms for the dead in the temple and the dental assistant that was with us asked a question about it (she isn't LDS) and the dentist said this-

"As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" yada yada yada....

It was that sentence (minus the yadas that hit me). Here are the reasons why I think it may have hit me.

A. The way he shared his testimony and declared his membership in the church was so powerful and so sure that it made me remember how real it is. 

B. He was the least bit hesitant to talk about the gospel or the temple. He was confident in  sharing the gospel and it reminded me how important that is. We need to not be afraid to share the gospel. Why is it so scary? Because we don't know how it will be received, but that's ok. We just need to share it.

C. It reminded me that I am a member of Christs true church. I belong to his church. I have made covenants with God and I need to be better. I need to be a good example simply because I represent Christ and his church. Every Sunday I take the sacrament and covenant to take upon me Christs name in church.

I am a member of the true church of Jesus Christ

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm becoming a real Martha Stewart...minus the jail time

I went Jean shopping because ever since I had Evan I've been losing weight without trying....I know super weird. I needed some pants that would actually stay on. Due to my short stature it's very hard to find any in the right length, so I had to hem them. I hemmed my very first pair  of jeans all by myself today! You don't even understand how exciting that is for me :o) haha I'm loving this sewing thing. I can't wait until I get to stay home I'm going to make all kinds of stuff. I've already started a list. I'm taking back a pair of pants tomorrow and buying another pair of jeans and I'm kind of hoping I have to hem them :o)

My Sewing buddy
don't ask why I chose that spot to work on my pants...

I have been having an issue with my wrist for quite a while now where I pretty much can't do anything with my thumb or move my wrist certain ways, so I literally have been picking Evan up by my left forearm for the past couple days. I talked to a Surgeon at church today and he made me do a little test with my hand that I failed miserably and he said I have a bad case of tendonitis he's going to give me a shot in my wrist and a brace. Hopefully  it helps.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Rollin out the quiet book pages

and yes my trapezoid is crooked and I'm not real sure if the parallelogram is actually parallel hopefully my kids won't bust out the measuring tape

the center of the mailbox is open and Evan is receiving mail if Grandma and Grandpa and other family want to send him a letter :o)

The flag moves all around

his own personal computer

my little pumpkin

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Quiet book page

check out that Y not too bad for someone with zero artistic skills

So I wanted the kids (yes I'm talking about my future babes as well as Evan) to be able to actually lace it through the holes not just tie it up...I didn't have enough felt to do what I had originally planned so I just made little squares and hammered the eyelets in and they are only sewed on the outside edge so the lace can come in and out.

when I have bad days

I come home and listen to this...

And then my world rocks.

Dear Grad School

Please hurry up and end
because I cannot get out of Utah fast enough.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our long awaited short but very sweet Honeymoon/Anniversary celebration

Greg and I went to The Homestead Resort this past weekend. We left the wee one with my mom which was super hard on me. I was so worried he would feel like we abandoned him. Anyway, We had so much fun! We went and saw the crater which is this hole in the earth with mineral water that has been a wonder for many years. It's pretty interesting. The history of this place is pretty cool too, but I love Antique-ish stuff so I'm probably way more interested in it than others would be. You can actually scuba dive and swim in the crater but we just wanted to have a look see. We ate lots of delicious food and had an AMAZING couples massage. Greg's very first massage I might add....he's been deprived.

It was so nice to be with my sweet husband alone. We have been so busy that our time has been very limited. It was so nice to reconnect and fall in love all over again. We never fall out of love but we definitely fall in love a lot. I'm so grateful for him. He's so good to me and he's such an amazing daddy. Seriously, I have the best husband ever! I am convinced there is no sweeter or gentler man on the planet. 

We both missed our sweet baby tons and we actually came back a day earlier because I couldn't take it anymore. It was so good to get back to him. Have a look see at our pictures...

Where we stayed

entrance to the crater

Beezle. I missed his sweet face.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

BYU baby

His shoes squeak...I love them!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My next sewing project

So excited to make these!
I can totally see Evan running around and thinking my towels would be a great thing to play with and throw on the floor, so these will be made soon!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A birthday, a HELLO! and another quiet book page and more!

Greg's birthday was the 10th so we watched the BYU game and ate cake and ice cream. I got this wonderful idea from a friend back home (thanks Jenae! I saw yours and new immediately that's what I needed to do for Greg's Birthday!) I enlarged his Priesthood Line of Authority and framed it.
I think if you click on it you can enlarge it and read it better.

I was finally able to do another quiet book page. It is definitely not my favorite. Probably my worst sewing job ever, but I was in a hurry and it can just go in the back of the book haha. Eventually I will make a pocket tht will go in the back of the book for extra pieces and I'm going to put extra numbers in it so they can add double digits. Everything has velcro on the back and I have plus and minus signs. Greg was kind enough to make all my numbers for me, otherwise it would have never gotten done.

Jillane is in town!!!!! She is Greg's brother's wife and one of my most favorite people EVER! I love and miss her so much! I nearly started crying when I told her I missed her yesterday, ha! I'm a softy, big deal! We got to spend some time with her and her sisters and her mom and greg's grandma and some of her cousins and her sisters family yesterday. We are going to do some shopping today, so yay! 
Evan meets his Aunt Jillane for the first time!

Evan had never been in a swing until this moment and the swing didn't have batteries, so you had to manually swing it but when we stopped swinging him he still wanted to swing so he figured out how to swing himself! It was pretty funny.

Evan was sitting with me while I was sewing yesterday and he decided to check out how the numbers tasted...I think he approved

These bibs are ingenious. They are plastic with a little catch all deal at the bottom. I can reuse it time after time and never have to throw it in the washer or worry about stains. 

He's getting so big

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I just can't do the "cry it out method"

First, I have to say I know some pretty fantastic momma's that do the cry it out method and it works for them, so I hope none of them get offended from this post.

Greg and I were talking the other day about how babies have feelings and those feelings can be hurt. I feel in my heart that if I were to just let him lay there in his crib and cry then he would be thinking, "mommy, why aren't you helping me?! I need you!" I've been reading books to see if Evan is a normal sleeper for a 5 month old and if he isn't what can we do to change it. He wakes up a couple times at night just because he wants his pacifier and when he has it he instantly falls back to sleep, so I find that much easier to do than to let him scream for an hour because I obviously wouldn't be sleeping when that's all I really want. 
I read this paragraph in this book that talks about how we fall asleep in our comfy bed with our comfy pillows and blankets, but what if we woke up on the kitchen floor? we would be a little distraught and want to be back in our bed. Babies are the same way when they go to sleep with a pacifier and wake up and it's in the crib somewhere they get upset because they want what was comfortable and they want to go back to the way they were when they fell asleep. It makes total sense. 
Last night Evan fell asleep without his pacifier and he only woke up once to eat and he went back to sleep and was still asleep when I left this morning for work. We have a night routine - cereal/solid food, bath, massage, singing, bottle, then bed. I'm really thinking if we just got rid of the pacifier he would be fine. He doesn't take it during the day anyway it's just at night that we need to get rid of it. From what I've read it's normal for him to want to wake up to eat and will be normal until a certain age. Besides just not being able to do it because it literally rips my heart in two just to hear him cry for food, here are some passages that made me totally anti-Cry it out.
Babies and young children are emotional rather than rational creatures. A child cannot comprehend why you are ignoring his cries for help. Ignoring your baby's cries, even with the best of intentions, may lead him to feel that he has been abandoned. Babies are responding to biological needs that sleep "experts" either ignore or deny. It is true that a baby whose crying is ignored may eventually fall back asleep, but the problem that caused the night waking in the first place has remain unsolved. Even if parents have checked to make sure the baby is not sick or in physical discomfort, unless hey pick up the baby, interact with him in a compassionate way, soothe him, or nurse him until he falls back asleep, the underlying or accompanying emotional stress with remain.
The most sensible and compassionate approach is to respond immediately to your child's cries. Remind yourself that you are the parent, and that giving your baby reassurance is one of the joyous responsibilities of being a parent . It is a beautiful feeling knowing that you alone have the power to brighten your child's life and banish fear and sorrow.

and the one that sealed the deal...
He awakes in a mindless terror of the silence, the motionlessness. He screams. He is afire from head to foot with want, with desire, with intolerable impatience. He gasps for breath and screams until his head is filled and throbbing with the sound. He screams until his chest aches, until his throat is sore. He can bear the pain no more and his sobs weaken and subside. He listens. He opens and closes his fists. He rolls his head from side to side. Nothing helps. It is unbearable. He begins to cry again, but it is too much for his strained throat; he soon stops. He waves his hands and kicks his feet. He stops, able to suffer, unable to think, unable to hope. He listens. Then he falls asleep again.

I don't know about you, but when I have gone through something that was emotionally draining I sleep so well because I am emotionally exhausted. It's the same thing that happens to babies.
I know I have an easy baby, but even if I didn't there is no way I could do this method. Those babies are trying to tell us something or maybe they just want us and what is so bad about that? 
Anyway, I never even tried this method because I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Favorite patient of the day award goes to...

My last patient of the day that happened to be 4 years old.
When I was getting ready to take him back to the OR he said this to me,

 "Sometimes my underwear gets stuck in my butt and I have to get it out."

I nearly lost it. 

Then, while we were putting him to sleep he stuck his fingers in his ears...I have helped put many of children to sleep and by help I mean hold down and then start IV and that was my first experience with a child that wanted to plug his ears. Jed the CRNA said," You want to put your fingers in your ears?" and he nodded his head, yes.

I couldn't stop laughing to tell Jed what he said to me in Pre-op partly because what he said was hysterical and then he goes and plugs his ears. I nearly lost all bladder control.

Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm saving monkeys in this one

Another post that's UBER random...

I had a dream that I was fishing with my dad and I saw these people trying to kill monkeys so I made my dad help me save the monkeys. At one point in my dream I went up to one of the guys trying to kill the monkeys and I said, "stop trying to hurt the monkeys! see this (pointing to my fist) this will be all over your face if you don't stop." bahaha...I think I can place that in my category of weirdest dreams ever.

The only five things I will miss about utah when we leave
1. Lindsey Fromm's super sweet picture taking skills
2. Cafe Rio
3. Rock Climbing
4. Being able to walk everywhere
5. Savers (thrift store)

French Onion Soup and Twice Baked Potatoes.....It's what's for dinner tonight.
 Greg and I and I finally started a Budget! We never had one before, we just knew we weren't spending more than we make, but I wanted to have one just to have one and now it's super fun! I love having one! We give ourselves a monthly budget and it's like a game to see how much we can get for the amount we have to spend - not that we spend it just because we have it, but some months we want more or need more, so it's like a little monthly challenge and maybe I'm just lame and get a kick out of the weirdest things...

My sweet boy

He does this every morning. He fake coughs and sighs and I do it back and he'll keep doing it..