Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Favorite patient of the day award goes to...

My last patient of the day that happened to be 4 years old.
When I was getting ready to take him back to the OR he said this to me,

 "Sometimes my underwear gets stuck in my butt and I have to get it out."

I nearly lost it. 

Then, while we were putting him to sleep he stuck his fingers in his ears...I have helped put many of children to sleep and by help I mean hold down and then start IV and that was my first experience with a child that wanted to plug his ears. Jed the CRNA said," You want to put your fingers in your ears?" and he nodded his head, yes.

I couldn't stop laughing to tell Jed what he said to me in Pre-op partly because what he said was hysterical and then he goes and plugs his ears. I nearly lost all bladder control.


  1. So funny :) Kids are awesome... are you a nurse?

  2. BTW... I still think Evan is the cutest baby boy i've ever seen.

  3. yeah, I am an RN at a surgery center, I love it. The only bad thing about surgery centers is that you lose your skills, so I just have to read up here and there. Thanks! I think he's pretty amazing!