Sunday, December 25, 2011

How did this happen? PS don't mind my face

He's so big.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (It's a long one, mostly pics and videos)

We kicked Christmas off on Christmas Eve by serving our neighbors, listening to Christmas music from sun up till sun down, family fun, and making cookies for Santa. Christmas was awesome this year. It was so fun to start our own family traditions and do our own thing this year. We do miss family, but it was nice to do our own thing. We finished the night off with Luke Chapter 2 and the clay animation movie of's a must every year

Evan helping daddy make cookies

How cute is this plate?  Joann Fabrics, Baby!

Evan putting the last cookie down for Santa...or maybe trying to pick it up...

Reading The Night Before Christmas

He actually really enjoyed it!

Mr. Claus likes Coke...Mrs. Claus likes water, but she wanted to stick to the tradition, so she had milk.

Santa placing presents for the sleeping baby

All of these are for a good  little boy except for 1. Greg and I  treated ourselves to an XBOX Kinect for Christmas :o)

Mrs. Claus testing the cookies made by a small little person and a tall  man

Santa likey.

Mrs. Claus is so funny

Christmas Morning
Evan has been dealing with Roseola since Wednesday and he hasn't been too happy lately. We actually realized what it was today because he busted out in a rash and he has had nothing but a fever since wed. This morning was no exception to his unhappiness. He wasn't even that into the wrapping paper which isn't like him at all. Poor little guy. He'll have more fun next year anyway. I have a picture frame that says baby's first Christmas so I was trying real hard to get a picture of him with his hat on, but after the 90th picture he made a growl noise and ripped off his hat and threw it on the floor. needless to say that ended the picture taking.....for a while.
The First Present!

notice how he is sitting on a present?

Daddy's favorite sleeper


Great Grandma gave him this bear and he loves him.

Mailbox from Grandma

We actually forgot about his stocking, so after church and his nap we gave it to him. One of  4 cars he got for Christmas.

This was the best picture I could get.

My first Christmas Ham.

My life rocks because of these two. The end.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family Home Evening

Greg gave us a lesson about the Birth of Christ and then when put on some Frank Sinatra Christmas music and
Instead of doing a Gingerbread house we made a train. 
We are really excited about Christmas this year. It's going to be so fun to start our own family traditions. We have decided that we want our kids to grow up knowing the true meaning of Christmas instead of thinking it's all about presents and fun. So we are going to do some kind of service on Christmas Eve. This year we are going to put a basket together and give it to someone who may need a little more. I think next year I want to do the 12 days of Christmas for someone. 

This little boy sure loves cake!


Evan really wants to climb on the boxes

The completed Quiet Book

First, Let me just tell you how much sewing experience I have.
The first thing I have ever sewed was a stuffed cow onto a T-Shirt for 4-H and i was like 9 and I'm pretty sure my mom did it.

The second thing was Evan's Car seat cover

and the third was my hooter hider and my mom did all the hard stuff.


This was a BIG deal for me! It's not perfect, but neither am I and it was a labor of Love for sure. Eventually I'll add in some more pages but I'm just real burnt out on the whole thing.

My Husband is the sweetest and helped me out a ton. 

Back pocket for extra face pieces and numbers

learn how to use a zipper

The fish snap on and off and they can catch the fish in the net. The barn - finger puppets inside for fun!

Write a letter and mail it

learn how to braid and and learn the shapes

learn how to tie and a mr. potato type face

Greg made the numbers. The apples snap off and they can fill the basket up

This is my sweet husband pinning the pages together and putting a layer of batting  between them and then I did the sewing

We had a super fun Family Home Evening on Monday...I'll post tomorrow or someday soon about it. We are getting so excited for Christmas this year and have lots planned!

Monday, December 19, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things....

Seriously, it doesn't get any better than this.  I don't know how I got so blessed
Quinoa - pronounced Keen-Wa - Only the best whole grain on the planet :o)
when Evan and I wake up and we can see the moon, we stare at it and Evan talks to it for  awhile.
My sewing machine - I have become a huge fan of sewing. I have just entirely completed my biggest project yet...Pictures to come.


Seriously, this stuff = Amazing!