Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pre 4th of July funness

This is actually later on that evening before the fireworks but it's soo pretty!

Every year they have Stadium of Fire and famous people come and put on a show. Last year it was Carrie Underwood and this year it was Brad Paisley and I'm pretty sure Glenn Beck does the announcing every year, but I could be wrong on that...I know he did last year. Anyway After the show they set off fireworks and you can see them from many places, but we walked to the park and sat on the hill. It was soooo windy. My hair was in the biggest knot. Evan was a champ and eventually fell asleep, but Greg and I enjoyed it! Here are some pictures..

Greg said he looked like Donkey from Shrek in this picture and I laughed so hard because it's true! haha

Evan got bored waiting for the show and this is him right before he caught some z's

does he not look like he's 2?

We have some super fun plans for tomorrow (the 4th) so stay tuned..
On to more spiritual things. So in my Patriarchal blessing it says that in time the spirit of Elijah will rest upon me and it has! I am so excited about it!! 

You can read about the spirit of 
 Elijah in Malachi 4:4-6. in a nut shell the spirit of Elijah means that our hearts are turned to our ancestors. 

I am so stoked about Genealogy right now. Greg and I are going to go to the Temple on Tuesday to do ordinances for my Grandpa Barcus. My dad had asked me to do this like a year ago, but I always said, "when things calm down and I'm not so busy." well, I have a baby, I still work full time and things are still not calm and I'm still busy and that's because that's just life. So I just need to do it and stop thinking that life will slow down. So I am doing it! It feels great! I just printed off this barcode deal that I need to take to temple and that was such a great feeling! My grandpa is going to be baptized! and all the other ordinances, but yay for him! He's probably thinking, "what were you waiting for!?"  

You can read about baptisms for the dead in 1corinthians 15:29

This is where we will be doing my grandpa's ordinances.

I have more relatives that I am in the process of doing work for and I'm so excited to share the restored gospel with them! When we do baptisms for the dead and other ordinances they still have their agency in heaven so they can reject the gospel if they want, but Greg was saying that one of the general authorities said that few if any will reject the gospel after we do ordinances for them. How wonderful is that!? I might totally see all my family members that I never really knew in eternity!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is real. The savior is real and he lives! I love it that through Heavenly Father our Savior Jesus Christ is constantly teaching me and humbling me.

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