Thursday, August 18, 2011

Evan's latest

sleeps with bum in air as of 8-16-11

Now when I go to pick him up he puts his arms out to the side. I love it! Soon he'll move them to the front of his body, but it's so cute right now :o)
He wants to crawl so bad! He puts his little knees under him and pushes off, but they always slide out. he gets to where he wants to go eventually. He just started saying mama... he doesn't know what it means, but I love his babbling.
Greg took some pictures of Evan the other day falling asleep in random places unexpectedly. Greg put him on the couch to make a bottle or something and then came back and Evan had rolled over and fell asleep, but don't worry Greg assured me he kept a close eye on him so he didn't suffocate in the cushions. Then he had him up playing and he just leaned over and fell asleep haha.

I just can't get enough of this face

here are some videos of him playing and also of him rolling over and trying to scoot. He rolls from front to back and back to front on purpose!



  1. That is hilarious how he falls asleep in random places. He is so super cute! I love his little face too! He is such a happy baby and doing so much for how young he is. You have quite an advanced baby there.

  2. Greg must wear him out because I've never ahd him do that for me haha. He is SO happy, I'm a little worried our next baby will be hard since we have it so easy with him. I thought he was doing things a little early but I wasn't sure.