Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Evan is 11 months!

He's sort of 11 months....he would be on the 30th but there isn't a 30th this month, so he's kind of 11 months haha
My snuggleupagus is so BIG! This child has brought so much joy and love to our lives and we are so so so blessed and grateful to have him. Every stage has been so wonderful and joyful. He's just perfect and we can't get enough of him.

At 11 months
~He still puts anything and everything he finds in his mouth (I can't wait for this stage to be over)
~He pretty much won't eat unless he can feed himself
~Loves all things new. If there is something he has never seen before you better believe he thinks it's the coolest thing ever!
~He has 5 teeth and one on the way 
~LOVES Spinach and meat
~Loves to dance
~Loves to read books 
~Loves to push his trucks around
~Loves to kick balls and throw balls (or throw anything)
~He's starting to make animal's pretty cute. I'm pretty sure he said No the other day too.. 
~Loves being outside
~Addicted to his mama- Let the separation anxiety begin!
~Loves Dogs and cats...and we just out he also loves fish and Penguins
~He weighs 20 pounds according to my mom's scale.
~Points to things
~Has thrown his first couple tantrums- mainly because I had to take things away that were potentially harmful
 ~He loves chocolate- Don't worry we don't allow it often
~Likes to make a lot of noise by banging toys on tables, walls, doors, and together
~Loves being chased
~Loves being tickled
~Loves to wrestle
~Loves to chase the dog although the Dog does not like to be chased or have her tail and ears pulled...

Anyway, He's beautiful, perfect, and the most wonderful blessing to our family!

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  1. How exciting! 11 months and 20 lbs. I am a little jealous. He is so cute and knows so much!