Wednesday, May 25, 2011

and the verdict is...

NOT to quit. I can survive 11 months right? I mean really it's just a little longer than a pregnancy and my pregnancy felt like it flew by so it shouldn't be too bad and if Greg gets a job a month or so before he graduates maybe it'll be less than 11 months. 

I guess I'll have to force myself to eat and not throw up and hope that this feeling that I am totally abandoning my child will go away or at least subside over time and maybe someday I'll be able to make it through a whole day without big fat alligator tears, but I wouldn't count on it.


  1. Oh Lacey, I know this is hard for you but,you will be amazed at how fast it goes by. You think that Evan is being abandoned but, he is just learning to be independent and strong, wonderful traits for a young man don't you agree. Trust me, he knows who is mommy is and you will ALWAYS be his favorite even if you have to be away from him during the day for a few hours. I worry more about you than him, your anxieties are going to get the best of you if you don't get control. You are all ready too little to not be eating and we are all too bugged at work to be bugged about stuff at home. hehe. If you need me to help you out you know that I will. I can stay late for you, trade you rooms :), or just give you a moment but, girl you gotta take care of "you" so that you can stay healthy to take care of Evan. My very wise mother told me once when I was going through a particularly difficult time and so very worried about my children...She said: "Joey, your children will adjust as well as their mother". I have NEVER forgotten that. It has kept me walking forward when there were times I wanted to turn and RUN. We do what we do for our family and in the end pray that it was enough...

  2. Joey you are the best! Thanks for your words of wisdom! When I get up in the mornings I have to think about how I am helping our family and how much better Evan will be taken care of if I can just put my big girl panties and deal with it! I still don't have much of an appetite but it will come back when I get used to it all. I appreciate all your help at work and out of work!