Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unto us a child is born

Evan Michael Franjesevic entered and has already blessed our lives at 3:06 pm March 30, 2011.Weighing in at 7lbs 4oz! 18 1/2 inches long with dark hair!

i didn't swell until during delivery

One Proud daddy

I'm sure everyone is wondering about his name. Greg and I always went back and forth between Owen and Evan and then decided on Owen, but I have always had reservations about that name and I'm still not entirely sure why. I finally came to the conclusions that I couldn't name him Owen when my patients would ask me what we were naming him I was always hesitant to say "Owen" I let it ride for a while thinking it was just me being weird, but then I finally talked to Greg about it and he said he liked Evan better too. I also wanted him to have a name with meaning. Since my sweet husband is such an amazing human being I really wanted him to have at least part of his name, so Evan Michael it is.
before the pitocin started...

I was so incredibly nervous coming to the hospital today, but Greg is mister oh so calm all the time so of course he wasn't nervous at all, which was and always is good for me. We got here around 7am and checked in and at 0730 the nurse checked me and I was still 3cm and we started the pitocin shortly after that. At 0855 my Doc arrived and brought in the fancy hook to break my water. I saw him first and then the hook and I said, "oh, ok then, so this is what were doing." After some friendly banter about our families in Ohio he checked me and said, "She's a little over a 3 to me" and then proceeded to break my water. I was expecting that to be a little painful, but I didn't feel a thing. Right after he broke my water I had a contraction that was a little stronger and I looked at Greg and said, "Oh dear, things are happening."

At 12:45 I thought I was going to die, so I caved and asked for an epidural. Those things are magical. Period. I'm dilated to a 6 by this time and my contractions are 1 min apart. The guy that was doing the epidurals that day had just started a C-Section and wouldn't be around for 30 minutes. All I could think was, "oh my goodness I have to have 30 more contractions before I get an epidural how am I going to do this without breaking my husbands hand?"

1:15 epidural.....pure joy. Evans heart rate dropped to 80 during this time...scared the heck out of me. I was put on Oxygen and placed on my left side...eventually he came back up and stayed there. They had to turn off the pitocin because my progression was going way too fast for his little body to handle well.

1:55 I'm dilated to 9cm. At 2:30 I'm a 10 and we start pushing. Who knew pushing could be so exhausting? I broke tons and tons of tiny blood vessels all over my face and shoulders...I look like I have a weird sunburn rash. right when Evan's head was coming out his heart rate dropped again then his head came out and the cord was super tight around his neck so the doc had to cut the cord to even get it off his neck, but all was well and he cried right away and I sobbed right away for quite a while actually. Greg was so amazing through the whole thing. We never took birthing classes and he was like a pro...and he even knew how to swaddle...I didn't even know how to swaddle! He loves his little boy so much it's so sweet. I love seeing him with him it melts my heart :o)

My hips are definitely wider than they used to be...I can for real say, "I have child bearing hips" and it's not even an exaggeration. I can't complain and I just own those bad boys because they gave me my sweet boy.

We are all doing well and Greg and I couldn't be happier with our precious baby boy.

Skin to Skin...

Greg says he looks like a chinese baby in this picture haha


  1. Yay! Congratulations on your sweet baby! He looks like an Evan. Nice job! :)

  2. He is so precious!! Congratulations! His birth seems so much like Mila's because I was also induced with her. I was started on the meds about the same time, and she was born at 3:05 p.m. Funny! Epidurals are totally a blessing in an induction since the pain gets pretty intense quickly, and the contractions are so close so fast. Maybe next time you'll get to try your natural birth. I've liked having both experiences. I feel like the induction birth was sort of a prepping for natural since I had a better idea of how to push and stuff since I had done before in a more "controlled" situation, if that makes sense. Didn't the moment you first saw his face totally rock your world? There aren't words for it! Well, let the adventure begin! I'm so happy for you guys!

  3. Beautiful!! Isn't it an AMAZING feeling to not be pregnant anymore?! Good luck with everything because now is when the fun begins. CALL ME ANYTIME. SERIOUSLY. I know how completely alone and incapable you probably feel and, if nothing else, I can let you vent. And offer words of encouragement. Good luck!

  4. Tim and I couldn't be more happier for you guys. I think he's going to look just like his Mama. Congrats to both of you!

  5. I think he looks a lot like you! Congrats on your new bundle of joy:)

  6. Oh my, he is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen! I can't believe how adorable he is! And he's so big and healthy! I'm so happy for you!

    Love the name - Evan was on our list before we chose Liam (which wasn't on our list lol). And they share a middle name! Congratulations!!

  7. Congratulations! Doesn't it feel so good to have it over and have him here!?

  8. Lacey and Gregoir...Congratulations! Truly, I have never seen such a beautiful newborn...he is absolutely beeeyoutiful! I'm so happy that everything went well for you. I love the name Evan...I have a grandson named Evan and believe it or not they were choosing between Owen and Evan! I think it means "beloved" and I know that is true for your little guy! Give him hugs from all of his Ohio Adorers (is that a word??) We love you guys!

  9. Grandpa and Grandma Barcus can't wait to cuddle!

  10. Woo hoo! So glad to see the pictures and to hear from Greg last night. I am so glad everything went so well! Now that I've seen the pictures, I'm dying to meet little Evan. I think it's the perfect name. He's so beautiful!

  11. HEY IS BEAUTIFUL....... NICE WORK THERE GUYS. I'm so happy for you. Oh Lacey...such a great time for you. We'll miss you here at Riverwoods. Just enjoy the moments with your little man. They grow up so fast. So glad thiigs went well. I totally agree with the eipidural being "pure heaven." Love you

  12. Congrats guys!! I would have posted yesterday but my computer wasn't letting me. He is such a precious little bundle. I'm glad everything went ok and that now you can enjoy having him with you outside your womb lol. Seeing him makes me baby hungry!!! I know you guys will be the best parents ever. Can't wait to meet him.

  13. Holy Cow! He is a HANDSOME DUDE!!! You guys did a great job on that little guy. I am glad that you got him here safe and sound. Now you can just kiss his face off every day and hold him close every minute because he OWNS you physically, emotionally, and spiritually from here on out

    Seriously, congratulations...He is perfect!

  14. Thank you all so much...I still have some things to post, but it's hard to find time to eat let alone post haha... but I love every minute of it. I'll update soon...Promise :o)