Sunday, March 20, 2011

39 and 2

39 weeks and 2 days. I had another appointment today and I am still 1cm and now 75% effaced, but the baby is at a +1 station! My doc said, "You are getting very favorable and my gut feeling is that you will go into labor on your own by the 28th." So, that made me a little more excited, but not too excited because I don't want to get all sorts of impatient again. He said that if I do not go into labor on my own by the 28th they will do a non-stress test and then induce me on the 1st.

I swore I would never do a bare belly picture for the world to see, but my belly button had Greg and I cracking up yesterday because when I look down it looks like my belly has a nose and I had to share...and yes, I have weird sporadic hairs on my belly :o)

My belly button used to be a severe inny...Greg and I call it the never ending belly button because you seriously couldn't see the end of it when looking in, but now that I am 9 months pregnant and due in 4 days it has completely turned inside out...which only happens in pregnancy when a woman gets a hernia, or so I'm told... but which makes perfect sense because I lift and turn people/kids nearly everyday at work and the belly button is the weakest part so anyway here is my inside out belly button...


  1. You are too funny Lacey! I am so excited for you to have that baby boy and post pictures! Next week for sure... You and Greg are going to be such great parents!

  2. So soon! Can't wait to see him. Hang in there!

  3. I was wrong...You can still get bigger. I think that your belly button can actually flatten completely out if it has to. See, you still have some room for that little boy to grow like 1/2 of a centimeter!!! LOVE IT! Thanks so much for cleaning my room last night. It was very nice of a tired, completely pregnant gal! Your AWESOME!