Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Evan

One year ago yesterday this sweet boy came into our lives

 I cannot even begin to describe how much we love this boy. He has been such a blessing to our family and we are so so so grateful for his sweet spirit in our family. He's learning so much so fast. He's just so wonderful. 

Happy Birthday Evan Michael!

At one
He peed in the potty on his birthday! I just sat him on it to see what he would do and he peed and I made a big deal about it and he thought it was hilarious.
He is very adventurous and isn't afraid of anything.
He can say "more" in sign language
He can say car (cah), down (dow), uh-oh, whoa, yay, boy, book (buh), blue (buh)
He shrugs his shoulders's so adorable!
He helps me get him dressed by lifting his legs and feet for pants, shoes and socks. He lifts each arm to put shirts on and lifts both arms when I say, "arms up" to take off his shirts.
He understands when we tell him to go get things and bring them to us unless it's something that he isn't familiar with.
He likes to walk backwards and then laugh about it.
He LOVES being outside...I'm pretty sure he would sleep there if we let him.
He can stack blocks
He likes to drive his books, the TV remote, his cars, his cup, his diapers, and pretty much everything else all around the apartment.
He loves to scribble on paper
He thinks he's the funniest baby ever (he stands in the mirror and laughs at himself)
He twirls my hair in his fingers (he's been doing this for a while but now he does it every time I pick him up.
He loves to go down the slide by himself
He shakes his head no when he doesn't want something and is starting to nod yes...he usually uses more
He sleeps through the night!!
he points to everything he wants or wants to talk about...he'll point and gibber jabber forever to some things.
he loves to run down hills
he loves to play hide and seek...we hide and he seeks and laughs hysterically when he finds us.
He thinks "Amen" is so funny. When we say Amen he either smiles real big or laughs.
There is so much new stuff he does! I have been really good at getting it all in his baby book because I want to remember everything. I can't remember all of it right now.... I hope I do this all the time for him and his siblings.

I have some videos of his party but I can't get them to upload. I'll load them some other time.

I cannot believe my baby boy is one! 

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  1. I can't believe your baby is 1! He is getting so big and I love his spiked hair! Happy Birthday Evan!