Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am back in Utah for one more year! My mom helped me move into our new apt and we are just getting settled. All my pictures are decorations are up and I'm starting to feel at home again.

I have been an emotional disaster. Greg is in Ohio until the 20th and then we will be able to have him home again. We miss him so much! I never realize how much I need him, want him, and depend on him until he isn't here. I'm feeling a little more together since everything is finished around here, but it was definitely a rough start. I don't handle change real well anyway.

Greg will finishe his masters and then we are done with school forever!

My two months away from Utah has been a real blessing for me. I've been able to get over the things that drive me crazy about this place and be grateful for the things I have and that in time I will be able to stay home with my little man (ONE MORE YEAR!!!!!) It was a real humbling experience in many different ways. I have decided that I do not miss Ohio. I just miss my family.

I absolutely do not miss the radio stations in Ohio- Rap plays on nearly every other radio station.


  1. Its hard when our husbands are in school. Ephraim has been in school for 6 1/2 of our 10 married years together and he still has about 2 more until he finishes his doctorate. but we get through it. and you will love being able to stay home with your kids. Sacrifice brings great blessings :-)

  2. Enjoy those mountains while you can. Live it up in Utah so when you are in Ohio you can look back on your time in Utah with fondness. I know you are learning a lot and eventually you will look back on this time and gain so much strength from these school years of sacrifice. Love you!