Sunday, November 27, 2011


We spent Thanksgiving in Olympia, Washington with my brother and sister in-law and my parents.
My brother fried a delicious turkey and managed to keep his garage intact...always a plus. I helped my SIL make some delicious dishes and some of their friends came and brought yummy things too. My brother's friend from high school just happens to be living in Washington too, so he came with his fiance. 
After everyone left we had some fun playing the Xbox Kinect...there are some must see video's at the end of this post. 
Tuesday we arrived and my parents, brother played with my wee one. Wednesday my brother took us to a little diner that was superb to my palate. Thursday-turkey day. Friday I spent most of the day with my SIL Kim. We did shopping...we did NOT get up uber early to do so either. We spent some cash, did a lot of talking, and then we went and saw Breaking Dawn because we are twilight lovers and if we were 13 years younger you might have heard us squeal in delight.  We killed some time in a book store before the movie started and then we went to the theater which had recliners. Later that night we had a little more fun with the XBox until we danced ourselves to sleep...or tried to dance. We are planning on going back and touring washington with my brother and sister in law because there is mucho I want to see/do. Anyway, enjoy some pics and video's

uncle Tim, baby, and dogs.

heart this picture

child has mastered the art of pulling himself up


inspecting Uncle Tim's shirt

doing some cooking and chatting

spending time with the grandparents

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