Friday, November 11, 2011

Going kind of Vegan

Greg and I are working on getting life insurance and I got my lab work back and I was in shock over my Cholesterol! I don't even weigh 100 pounds how is this possible?! They aren't over the range but they are extremely close. My HDL'S  aren't as high as I would like and my LDL's aren't as low and my total Cholesterol is RE-DONK-U-LOUS.

I eat pretty healthy, so I think it's mostly heredity playing it's part. I've been chatting with a doc at work and  she thinks I should go Vegan for a while. I only eat Chicken and Ground turkey when I do eat meat, so I don't know that I will go completely Vegan....probably just not as much meat. I did eat LOS of peanut butter, so I cut that out except for the all natural kind. We eat a lot of brown rice and quinoa and veggies, so really my diet won't be that different. Did you know that Sugar turns to Cholesterol? BAHH! I had no idea! So The day I got my labs back was the day I quit eating sugar.   I am going to start making my own stone ground wheat bread again, so I know exactly what's going in it. I did that for a while, but stopped. Did you know that one scoop of ice cream has more cholesterol than a hamburger!? HA! I know! Me Either! Crazy, huh!?

I do need to exercise more like I used to. I kind of stopped except for walking because somehow I got down to 95 pounds and I didn't want to keep losing, but I think I just need to exercise to lose the cholesterol.

I found some yummy recipe's for Lentil soups, so I will post them when I try them out.


My boss is amazing....I'll explain at a later date.
I want to have another baby......right now.

I have been thinking about how when most people make decisions they make their decision based on what's logical. Greg and I make our decisions based on what God wants us to do. We have never made any huge, potentially life altering, decisions before we brought it up to the Lord and they have always worked out. Maybe not immediately, but they have always been the right decisions. Sometimes Greg and I talk about this and we say, if we would have done what we thought was the best way we would have ended up like this or that. There is a reason I bring this up...I'll explain in a minute
When Greg and I got married he was trying to find a job and he eventually got one, but it was bad hours and the environment was awful so we had prayed about it and felt that he shouldn't take it. This was huge too because he had been searching for a while and he really needed one, but the answer was "no." Family thought we were crazy, but they never understood our reason. Greg eventually got a job that was a million times better with benefits and all, but he never would have found that job if he would have taken the bad one. We followed the Lord. That's just one example.

Greg and I recently made a big decision that could have affected our whole life and I had been fighting it and fighting it because I thought it was crazy and I knew other people would too, but the Lord gave us an answer. I cannot deny the answer i received and Greg cannot deny the answer he received after we knelt together. We still haven't seen the outcome and we won't for a while, but I have felt nothing but comfort. I know this is all going to work out. The way things are happening, it's already working out. I'll explain the whole thing at a later date.

The moral of my story is, follow the Lord. He'll guide you along the right path, just listen and never doubt.

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