Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Prep

We got a new Christmas tree and we decided to put it up Saturday. I've never had my tree up this early, but I love it. We had so much fun Greg was so kind to turn off the football game and turn on some Christmas music. This will be our last Christmas in this apartment and it was actually kind of sad for me. Greg and I have been through many things while living here... happy and sad, so I was a little emotional while we were putting the tree up. We are excited at the same time because when we come back it's going to be kind of a new start. I need a break from Utah real bad and so the 2 months we will be gone will be a nice refresher and then we move into a new place, so it'll be good. Anyway here are some pic-cha's

before a company dinner

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  1. How cute! I have been loving your posts. How exciting for the break and a new place. Hope ya'll have a great time in Ohio! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas too!