Saturday, June 30, 2012

I said I'd never do it....

So remember that time I said I would never ever let my child cry it out?
Well, consider me a liar.

When Evan was nine months old he woke up to cuddle with momma...not to eat.
Before that time he always woke up and drank 5 oz. I don't feel like babies wake up and eat 5 oz just "out of habit." At least I didn't feel that way about my child and I'm a mom therefore I have a mother's instinct and that's how I felt.

Anyway, he has continued that little charade up until last weekend. 

It was getting to be really difficult to get any sleep because Greg and I couldn't sleep in bed with him for fear would roll on him so when he was in our bed we were constantly waking to check on him. Evan on the other hand slept nice and sound with his little arms stretched above his head and just soaking up the time with mom and dad. Other times I would lay on the couch with him and that didn't work because I did the same waking thing.

So we tried off and on but I just couldn't do it. I couldn't let my little man cry. So we would stop. 

I tried everything. Every little trick I've been told to do and nothing has worked. So as a last resort we did it. He cried it out. ugh... I hate even saying it. 

Last weekend we decided we just had to, because this wasn't working for any of us. All three of us were exhausted everyday. He would always go down just fine but it was in the middle of the night that was a problem. We were also doing the whole go in and check on him every 10-20 min, love on him, and put him back to bed but that only made it worse. He knew we would come in so he just kept doing it.

We put him down Friday night and he got out of his bed and cried for a good hour while banging on the door at 3am. He fell asleep for maybe 30 min and then did the same thing. This went on until 5am and then he officially fell asleep and then woke at 7:30am.

Saturday he cried for another hour
Sunday 45min
Monday 30min
Tuesday 15min
Wednesday 10min
Thursday NO CRYING!

Success my friends. Success.

Greg stays up later doing homework and watches Ev on the monitor. He said he wakes up but he doesn't get out of bed he just toss's and turns and tries to re position and sometimes sits up but then lays back down falls asleep. He's sleeping from 8:30-7:30-8. These past two nights have been glorious.

The pacifier deal...not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. He forgot about it 2 days after we took it away. He knew where we kept them and he would walk over and point and say, "BEE!" so I would show him they weren't there and then he would go play with something else. He never really cried at night for it either.

Unfortunately, I am a firm believer in this at night...

Turns out, it leads to this....
I don't know who these babies are but I love this kids hair!


  1. Way to be strong Lacey! I let my kids cry it out at 6 months and we get to sleep through the night. My kids always tested it again at about 2 so you may have to do it again. But I have always thought you teach your kids how to sleep through the night and crying it out is the best way. You are teaching your child a valuable skill.

  2. Could I use this picture ( on my website? Like this