Sunday, June 24, 2012

Changes for a growing boy

We changed Evan's bed into a toddler bed. All we had to do was take the front rail part off and add a little toddler rail. He loves his bed! He climbs in and out of it all the time and occasionally jumps on it. When it's time for bed he goes down pretty well. Naps on the other hand....he has to be exhausted to not get out of bed. We haven't had him fall asleep on the floor yet...I'm still waiting.
I'm waiting to fix those scratches on the crib from our last move until we move back to Ohio. 

We also got rid of the pacifier. When I had some dental cases at work I chatted with some docs about when to get rid of it. My pediatrician said two and that's what the dentist's at work said, but one of my fave dentist's said we should just do it now because it will only be more painful at 2. Also, he said that when the molars start coming in, you want to get rid of it because the bink will start to push his teeth out and he already has 3 molars! I waited until he was in his bed a few days and then we just never gave it to him at night and it only took 15 minutes of crying before he fell asleep. He woke up and around 3am and said, "Bee! Bee!" But then he went right back to sleep. It was seriously so hard for me not to give it to him. He's just so sweet and it's his "BEE!" But the good thing is that he has a few bears that he sleeps with and I watched him on the camera grab one of his bears and snuggle. 

It makes me sad to think about how fast he's growing but he's learning so much and he's so much fun. We could just eat him up! We can't get enough!

My favorite thing right now is that he says, "more" in sign language and then "PEAS!" (more please)
He is also repeating everything we tell him's pretty amazing that he can go from saying, "uh oh" to repeating everything in just 5 months!

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