Friday, January 4, 2013

Good things

Things that are great?

-Having dance parties with my husband and little child.
-Evan learned up and down by watching me do squats. Now he pulls his pants up and down and says, "up, down, up, down."
-Being married for more than 5 years and still being able to have 20 min laughing fits nearly everyday.
-Evan woke up the other night and came into our room and grabbed my hand and said, "mama night night?" He wanted to be tucked back in.
- I wasn't feeling good the other day so Evan tucked me in with pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals and said, "night night wuv you"
-We are all set to move back to Ohio the day after graduation. My official last day of work - Friday April 19th :o) 
-My husband is going to have his Masters degree in 3.5 months! He's awesome.
- We had a 2 hour break in between cases at work, so a scrub and I got a work out in... in the OR. I'll be sore for 3 days. Sometimes, I love my job.
-Spinach and banana smoothies with a cup of water.
- My husband does dishes :o)
-Sheldon's sick song- (youtube it, it's hilarious) I may have sung that today (very loudly) with an anesthesia provider during a 6 hour case....we get bored- clearly. 
-Friends. I love my friends and I am going to miss them all so dang much. They will probably be the only reason that will make me cry when we leave. 
-My boys. Oh, how I love them two. How do you ever officially decide to make the decision to add another baby into the mix and feel ready to actually do it? That was a very confusing question...
-The Book of Mormon. and our - read it in 90 days challenge.
-I bought super cute knee high boots
-Love. Lots and Lots of Love

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