Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July!

In the a.m. we made red, white, and blue pancakes and then later that day we had a cookout with Tyler and Rebekah. 
We played Euchre guys against girls and we beat the guys ever single game two DAYS in a row bahahahahahahahaha! I still like to rub it in a little bit!

After our game of cards we headed up to Rock Canyon to watch the fireworks with these friends
Meet Daniel and Rachel!
We are going to be so sad when we leave Utah because we are going to miss them and some other friends we have met in our years here!

I tried the fohawk out on Evan...I think he's adorable but maybe not a fohawk kid. Greg says he smiles too much to be a fohawk kid....whatever that means haha

This is Will- Tyler and Rebekah's little handsome man.

Evan kept trying to feed Will and Will was like "Hey baby man, get outta my face!"

Could my wee one be any cuter!? Total stud!

Evan Michael is teething....
He's never been this fussy EVER. Tuesday he cried from 7-10am! Then off and on all day and all day yesterday...the only thing that helps is The Little Mermaid or as he calls it, "SHESHE, PEAS" (fishey please) and going outside to swing. Basically, we have been living outside....I can't take anymore unda da sea...

Tylenol has been magical.

The End.

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