Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Someday my little Evan will no longer ask to "hold uh my hand" as we go up and down the stairs.
Someday, my little one won't want to help hold the vacuum and "be mommy's big helper"
Someday, we will no longer have to feed the shark aka garbage disposal.
Someday, he'll stop asking for fruit snacks.
Someday, my little boy won't want butterfly and Eskimo kisses at night.
Someday, he won't even want tucked in.
Someday, he won't pick rocks up and put them in his pockets.
Someday, he'll leave the sticks on the ground.
Someday, he'll quit sitting on my lap to read stories.
Someday, he won't want me to hold his hand until he falls asleep or sneak into bed beside me in the middle of the night.
Someday, he'll go at least a day without spilling something.
Someday, there won't be owies that need kissed.
Someday, there won't be anymore make believe stories.
Someday, there won't be any super powers.
Someday, he won't want to wear his "packback" all day long.
Someday, he won't hide in our laundry hamper.
Someday, I'll stop finding toys in random places throughout the house.
Someday, the greasy hand prints will no longer be found on our walls.
Someday, he'll stop saying, "what movie you watch?" which translates to "what movie DO you WANT to watch?"
Someday, he won't want to be like "Tigey" aka Daniel Tiger.
Someday, he won't want to play "bowling pins" as much as he does now.
Someday, he won't give me the play by play when he goes to the bathroom (it's quite funny)
Someday, he'll learn to say banana's and not "Ban-nana's"
Someday, he won't add extra syllables to our last name.
Someday, he'll stop talking in 3rd person.
Someday, "this little piggy" won't be so funny.
Someday, dance parties with mom won't be so cool.
Someday, my little boy won't be so little. Until that someday comes, we are going to soak up every little bit of his fun, sweet and messy little self every second of every. single. day.  

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